Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hunting For a Perfect Everyday Bag

I don't know what is the definition of perfect haha. I just want all features in one bag. For example, with my Balenciaga city, size is great, have zipper, you can use the long strap or you can do hand held. Almost perfect. But what I found, it's so hard to zip and trying to find things when I use the long strap because the bag is really slouchy (and this is a problem when I use the long straps 90% of the time).
My Chanel camera bag is lovely too, but since the chain is really one chain that you can use either as double or single (I normally use it as single), I just cannot grab things easily from there and it gets flatten at the top, if that makes sense. My classic flaps are off limit. Too heavy for everyday. Gucci Hysteria is fine, but without a zipper. I don't have complains with my Balenciaga Day (maybe that's why they called it "Day" to begin with- so that you can use it everyday), but yeah I just need a new one, either black, burgundy, brown or blue tote- not too big but enough for all the stuffs I carry.

These are the contenders so far:
Prada Saffiano and Tessuto Tote

Prada Cervo Shine Convertible Bag

Louis Vuitton Stresa in Azur (not available till early 2010)

Chanel GST

I have to say that it's too bad that Chanel is the most expensive of all. I love Chanel, but this time I'm divided, thus the reason I put the Chanel as my number 4 option. I heard ladies were complaining that the GST straps keep falling down. I love the Prada that Miranda has, the price point is a lot more attractive at this point, my second favorite is the Cervo Shine, it's so roomy just the way I like it. The LV, well..I cannot wait till February 2010 (typical me), so I don't know. If I'm stuck then mayyyyybe I will wait till then. What do you think?



  1. I found the Chanel GST strap only keeps falling down if you have too much things in the bag... and it does gets heavy when the bag is full house... but it is the bag i just keep using.. the leather is great... it is so durable..

  2. Hi Tanya, Thanks for the insight. That could be why the bag sits so well on my shoulder cos that day I moved all my stuffs from my bag to the GST. I love caviar leather, the lambskin is too hard to maintain!

  3. ...your right... lambskin is so hard to keep clean and maintain esp when it is a light colour.. mine just gets dirty and esp from jeans! so annoying.. enjoy your GST! post a pic!