Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sanford & Winston 1st Birthday 01.21.2012

Some photos from our boys 1st birthday party. Jennifer Cota is our photographer and she is just the sweetest! The cute cake came from Polkadots Cupcake Factory. It's incredibly yummy!

ps. some ppl have been asking about the ODJ and I forgot about that!
So...Blazer from Smythe Les Vestes (this is run so small so I was gambling when I ordered), Navy dress from BCBGMaxAzria, Shoes by Louboutin, Pearls necklace and earrings by Chanel, Boys' sailor outfits from C.I Castro, Shoes from Robeez.


So...I did it!

This shall be mine on Thursday......xoxo

Thursday, February 23, 2012

5th Wedding Anniversary

is coming up in about 3 weeks. I think I'm going to spoil myself a little :-)
I'm thinking jewelries, something dainty from Cartier perhaps since I love my Ballon Bleu watch so much I probably should get something to complement it?

But I don't have any Cartier boutique nearby and it literally making me feel violent HAHA. I don't know what I'd do. I spoke to a lovely Cartier SAs from Dallas and Boca Raton, FL yesterday though and I'll see what I can get through them. For now I don't even know what I want. So many gorgeous pieces and I'm trying to get something before the price increase at end of March.



Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shopping Rambling

I need new ballet flats and new sandals. Oh how I want to spend a day going shopping uninterrupted. Those days are gone I suppose. Just when I was thinking about it, M my NM's SA txt me with the special event currently happening in NM. Asked me if I want to attend and she can add me to her RSVP list. Meh..as if I can go haha! They always have this on mid week after work. If they are doing it on the weekend I may get DH to watch the kids for few hours ;-)

Anyway, I had to email her few things that I want...I don't even know if they have it in Austin NM. Have you noticed how small our NM here??

So this Prada flat thong was on my list. I want it in every colors but I told her I will settle with the gold one.

And oh..I order a replacement for my SFAM bootcut jeans. My current one has finally died at 8 years old! Can you believe it. I love that jeans so much that I have to have the exact same one. Well...ok I cannot find the NY dark rinse anymore but I found the equivalent. I hope nothing change in terms of cut, comfort and the fit. I'm going to cry if it looks funny on me.

Umm..what else. I had my eyes on Burberry and Prada flats too, then dogeared zodiac necklaces then some Roberto Coin items. Once I sees them all, then I can decide which one to cull. It's amazing what one hour on internet can do to you. I'm sure it's worse if I'm at the store. For now I only can browse from home.

On Saturday I gathered all of the boys stuffs that they refused to touch anymore (bouncer, jumperoo, baby carriers..stuffs like that) and I started writing an ad so I can sell them. I despise clutters. If I see something that kinda sit in one space for a period of time (with the exception of stuffs that sit in my closet HAHA) I started to get paranoid about it and want that block of space back. I'm weird like that. By Sunday afternoon, I sold most of the stuffs I want to sell. It's really funny to see the boys just kinda stared at those items while being taken away by strangers. To be honest, I lost a lot of money this way. I always buy brand new but my boys don't always like what I bought. Or if they do, it took only few months before they get over it. That's when that thing will sit there and it annoys the hell out of me that I have to sell it. And you know what, I couldn't even recoup half of what I spent sometimes despite it looks like new. Babies/kids items just don't hold much values (like mommy's Chanel)..but hey it's better than just sitting there.

Ok, I think enough of my rambling today! I'll post some more later.


Monday, February 20, 2012

StrollAir My Duo

People in NYC are currently crazy about this StrollAir My Duo. I love mine, but if I saw this a year ago, I would definitely get it. Not only it's lighter than mine, it came with many accessories like mosquito nets, rain cover and even diaper bag!
But of course this cutie cannot be found anywhere in TX which is sux so you cannot see it in person. Anyway...love love this! Now I'm dreaming about the green or red as a backup stroller in my car haha..but I don't think DH will let me :-)

Look at her...so pretty!



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

You know...the office is kinda boring today. Nobody gets flowers haha, nobody wears pink meanwhile, the office next door closed for 2 hours. They put the sign up that says "Out for firm luncheon" which I thought is lovely. Valentine's day is not all about lovey dovey couples ya know. We spent at least 8 hours a day with the people we worked with, 5 days straight but yet no love (in our office) HAHA.

I gave the boys Valentine's day cards to take to school this morning. I believe they are doing cards swap today which is sweet.

So anyway, I hope you have a great Valentine's day. May you surrounded by love all day everyday!!. 

ps. I'm still waiting patiently for the boys' 1st Birthday pictures. I'm so desperate and I want to see them, but I probably have to wait for another week or two.