Sunday, February 28, 2010

Zac Posen For Target

I cannot wait till end of April when Target will showcase Zac Posen for Target collection. I'm posting the pictures of the few items that I love (credit to Fashionista). What do you think?


Sunday @ Cru

My kind of Sunday with brunch and lovely weather.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Last Friday of Feb

This week hasn't been that great, but alas February is over and looking forward to March as we speak (read: write).
Sunday may go out to Cru at the Domain, looking forward for sunshine (not too hot please) and laughter as I needed them.


ODJ: Silk top from Ann Taylor, Skirt from Sportgirls (Australia), Burgundy Simple from Louboutin, Chanel J12 38mm and Chanel 09A Red M/L Flap.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bye Bye LV Recoleta

I sold her last night and she's gone an hour ago on her way to Minnesota. I put my LV Recoleta for sale because I couldn't bear seeing her sitting inside her dustbag-not being used because of her small size. Despite being discontinued by Louis Vuitton, the bag is as new, even the protective labels were still on it.

I'm sad, but I'm glad she found a new home. I hope the new owner loves her as much as I do. Remember this picture? There she was sitting at the most front next to my Balenciagas :-(


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Austin-Texas Don't Snow

But when it does it feels like winning a lottery. I get to go home early today (YES, we cannot handle snow unlike others who live on the East coast hehe), so I thought I captured them all before it's over. No ODJ pics, I just want to bundle up and enjoy the snow!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mmm It's Thursday

and I'm typing these while trying to concentrate watching The Deep End ;-)

Anyway, had a busy Thursday at work and lunch at this new Thai place with lovely co-workers. Glad it's Friday tomorrow, overall I had a great week- no complaints!

I'm posting my ODJ pics from this morning. Have a great evening guys!

ODJ: L/S V neck tee from Forever21, Tulip Skirt and Belt from Target, Grey Cardigan bought in Hong Kong (no brand), Heels from L.A.M.B and Chanel 08A Reissue Camera Bag.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hump Day

and the traffic to work was atrocious. Ugh. Anyway, it's Wednesday and there's no reason for me to be unhappy. 2 days to go before the weekend.


ODJ: 3/4 sleeves black blazer from Veeko (Hong Kong), Grey mini skirt from Costume National, Heels from Casadei, Chanel J12 38mm and Chanel 08A Matte Grey Reissue Camera Bag.

Just a short note before I leave though- for so and so who got offended with my carnivore way because I posted pics of my steak/ribs meals, seriously I don't really care. I don't care if you believe by me eating meats I support animals cruelty. I don't kill them, I eat them just like most people. You have your chosen lifestyle, I have mine. If you don't like it, you should be away from this page and this blog (for good). I don't comment on your meals preference so please keep the opinion to yourself about mine. And don't bother sending me links - I'm not interested.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

DH and I went overdosed on steak, ribs, shrimps and cheese fries for Valentine's day today haha. So rather than doing my usual ODJ, I'm posting pics of our meals and flowers from DH ;-)

Happy Valentine's Day you guys...!! I hope you have a good one~


Friday, February 12, 2010

What's Up With Me

I haven't updated this blog for almost a week. Blame it on the back to back appointments I had and mostly because my eyes were glued in front of TV once I got home haha. Monday is The Bachelor (I know..I know..they are so cheesy but I love the dramas anyway), Tuesday is American Idol, forgot what's on Wednesday o_O and Thursday I normally watch Fringe, The Deep End and now Past Life.

I was surprised to see Nicholas Bishop on Past Life. I remember him from the Home and Away days as Peter Baker. I guess he's in the US now. I liked the shows (watched 2 episodes already) but I think his acting could be better (and lose the accents too haha!). Anyway, a little off topic- I will never ever want to have a regression over my past life-they are scary!

Another off topic, I want to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day!
DH and I have no set plan, but I'm dying to see Valentine's Day movie that opens today. The preview looks so good and it's a celebs galore (read: It's just my excuse to see Bradley Cooper).


ODJ: Light blue turtleneck from Gap, Floral Skirt from Anthropologie, Peacoat from Old Navy, Tights from Ambra, Black Jumbo Flap with GHW and Heels from Chanel.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quick Fix

I love boyfriend jeans on some people especially celebs who always seems able to pull it off. I never buy one because nothing seems to fit properly. So this morning before I went out for my appointment, I wore my loyal SFAM bootcut jeans, roll them up and and voila they look like the boyfriend jeans that I wanted. Problem solved.


ODJ: V neck tee from Old Navy, Bootcut jeans (New York wash) from SFAM, Cardigan from Forever21, Necklace from Tiffany and Diva (Australia), 09A Chanel Ring, Chanel J12 38mm, Booties from Urban Outfitters and Balenciaga City bag with Giant Silver Hardware.

You cannot see the ring from the picture above, so here she is posing with my ninja hehe..

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello o_O

Looking forward to the weekend yay- and it's a Super Bowl weekend but I don't care for that (except maybe for the 50 pieces chicken nuggets from Maccas for $10 ha!).
I arrived at work on time this morning (surprise surprise) but that's maybe because I'm going home early later this afternoon. Anyway, I'm posting pics of today's ODJ~ Happy weekend!


ps. My hair looks so long already! I think I'm going to grow them out. And oohh..this YSL booties definitely makes me look soooo talll!

ODJ: Top from Cue (Australian Brand), Skinny jeans from AEO, Booties from YSL, Bangle from Forever21, Chanel J12 38mm and Balenciaga City bag with Giant Silver Hardware.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

And These Too!

Continue on from my post yesterday, these are some more outfits that I currently love- They are all from BCBG. By the way I *need* a good black skinny jeans. Any suggestions?


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What I Love Right Now

I know winter is here for another 6 weeks, however I'm just loving the array of colors, stripes and crisp cotton + silk tops. God knows I'd be hoping for forever winter, but in the other hand I'm dying for some colors. Below are some of the things that I currently love, the first two from J.Crew and the last two from Anthropologie.