Thursday, September 24, 2009

Being bitten by Louboutin Bugs

If you know Marchesa, they are a British designers that focused on print and embroidery evening gowns. They are so beautiful I always want to cry when I see them being worn by celebs during the awards season (Academy Award or Emmys) or just during red carpet moment. They exorbitantly expensive, but of course I know why. These days it's always between Marchesa and Monique Lhuillier for me...

Back to the topic as per title, Marchesa and Louboutin teamed up for 2010 Spring collection. I got distracted by Chanel for months, now I'm being bitten again by Louboutin. It's a never ending cycle! I almost forgotten my first love with the ever fabulous red soles Louboutin.

I would really like the shoes on the first pic, so exquisite with see-through sides, probably wear those to a wedding. In this case, I may force my middle sister to get married so I have an excuse to buy them haha

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  1. Excuse me sis when am getting married that first Louboutin will be on my feet! Me being the bride and all.. hehe. I like the 2nd pair too though, and the 3rd as well! hehe. So thanks for the info :p