Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm Addicted to Babylegs I need 12 pairs of Babylegs leg warmers? Yep, I bought 5 pairs few weeks ago and 7 pairs last night and the twins are not even here for another month or so and the warmers probably a little big for them as newborns-they need to give me chunky thighs!. 

Luckily they are all on sale, so DH can't roll his eyes ;-) From the look of it I may end up buying more haha!

Here are some pics of babies with their leg warmers. Super cute!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Missing Home!

No matter where I stay, I still rather stay at home. My own bed, bathroom and everything. Last day in San Antonio today- it was lovely (and I didn't have to clean/wash/tidy for few days) but yeah I want my pillows :D

Thought I post my last ODJ in San Antonio at 30w4d. Till next time~


ODJ: Top and Cardigan from Forever21, Legging from Motherhood, Suede Boots from Sportgirls (Australian brand) and Bag from Prada.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Last Trip For 2010

I'm currently still in San Antonio, loving it here! I stayed at Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and everything is wonderful, so Xmas-ey even though Thanksgiving was only few days ago. I will post more pics later on, but this is me at 30w2d :D


ODJ: Shawl Zip Sweater in Heather Grey from Gap Maternity

Friday, November 12, 2010

Random Updates

I finally put a deposit for the twins' newborn photoshoot. After searching for quite a while, I finally decided to go with Forever Bliss Photography. I so cannot wait! You can check out her website here.

Ooh I need to post my pic soon too. I'm 28w1d today, 10 more weeks to go yay! I wanted to post pics last week, but ugh.. I've been having this stubborn cold after the flu shot. Normally I would ask for antibiotics and cold will go away in 2 days. But since being prego means you cannot take meds as you please, then it has lasted this long-almost 10 days to be exact.

Then the aftermath of failing the glucose test the first time made me change the way I eat. I lost weight together with being sick. Now my OB is concerned because I'm still at 7lbs (3kg) same as 4 weeks ago.
No good he said, because I have 2 babies inside my tummy. He ordered me to eat any junk foods that I can think of. I thought it's funny.
All my life I wanted to be skinny and be a size 2US (I think size 0 for me is a little far fetch) but I never could. I always linger around size 6US which is fine by me either but I'm the type of person that gain weight easily. But how weird that now I'm being told to go burger crazy. Such a life hehe.
Anyway I'm trying. I've been indulging on cakes from La Madeleine, ice cream from Sonic, big chunk of steaks and I'm thinking what to have tomorrow ;-)

What else- work wise, still busy. Things are looking up and hoping to work few days a week from home once I'm done with the maternity leave.

No big plan this Thanksgiving or for my birthday. DH and I will have a short getaway that long weekend (will post pics for sure) and probably just dinner for my birthday.

How about you? What are you going to do this holiday?


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Birthday Wishlist

I may get myself a birthday present soon (read: I want to buy next week though my birthday is after Thanksgiving haha). For once I will not buy any babies items this birthday month (sorry boys mommy will buy you more cute things after this).

One year too late, I think I'm going to get Hunter & Jimmy Choo boots in darling Black! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Look at the look on her face when she got hers, I want to be that happy too!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Not Really There Yet

Today I'm posing in our not so ready nursery room. Still plenty to do but the main items we need are there, just need to set them up properly. One thing, I woke up this morning feeling huge haha and I wonder if the 3 hrs GTT that I had yesterday may caused it ;-) The result won't be in till Monday or Tuesday oh well..just hope for the best. The experience yesterday wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, maybe because I know what to expect.

So back to huge, I'm only 25w2d, I think I'm making up for the lost time! All these times people kept telling me my belly is too small for twins, but now you are asking for it, ha!

Anyway, DH and I went to have Indian for lunch, then grocery shopping at Costco and then we went to the mall for window shopping then we head to the cinema to watch Hereafter (Matt Damon). I love it, though the story is kinda sad-especially about the twin boys.

OK- enough of me yapping, these are the pics of me today :D


ODJ: Long & lean tank from Mossimo, Cardigan and the bear necklace from Forever21, Key necklace from Tiffany & Co, Legging from Motherhood, Shoes from J.Crew and Chanel Jumbo in Black Caviar with GHW.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's The Odd

that I failed my one hour GD test? Well..I flunked it (over for about 20+ pts). All these times every time I have a medical check up, my blood sugar is low. My problem has always been cholesterol, sugar? nope, never.
In fact when I had my ER scare at 13 weeks and they checked my sugar, it was low as well.

So I'm on the 3 hours GTT next week, more glucose to drink and 4 blood tests within the 3 hours after I drink it. The nurse said to me, "bring your laptop or books, you are going to be here for at least 3.5 hours"...great (but maybe it's a good thing that I can finally read Breaking Dawn). And next Friday is suppose to be my day off, but I will spend it in my doctor's office.

Oh well, I don't want my babies to be too big so I guess it's better to be safe than sorry. So far their sizes are great, not too small or not too big. I'm surprised when my nurse told me about the news, because I barely gained any weight, only 7lbs (3kg) so far at 24 weeks. I thought you gain weight rapidly if you have gestational diabetes?

Anyway, I hope I pass the test next week. My poor babies didn't sleep last night after I had the one hour test, too much sugar I guess.

Low carbs and low sugars from now on then!

Till next week~


Thursday, October 7, 2010

15 Weeks Left :D

I'm exactly 23 weeks today--getting much much bigger and I don't know how I got to be this size in my sleep haha.
But that said, I have only 15 weeks to go--yes, I'm not following the general rule of 40 weeks due to twins.
I don't have much complaints beside it starting to get uncomfortable to bend over, getting out of bed or walking around the mall for too long (crazy right??).

My mommy and my middle sister will be here in mid January. I'm so looking forward to it just sadly I cannot take them around for shopping with 2 newborns in tow, I have to ask DH to drive them around.

GD test next week and hopefully I will pass it. I love sweets and I probably only can give it up the day before the test (talk about cheating!).

Oh..DH and I planning a little vacation during the Thanksgiving holiday and my birthday-supposedly my last vacation for the year with just the two of us. Next time, it will be 4!

I've been buying quite a bit for myself, mainly tops and cardigans. The rest I'm still trying to squeeze in my pre-pregnancy outfits like today's ODJ where I wear no maternity stuffs whatsoever.
No shoes unfortunately because I don't know if my shoe size will stay the same after this or not--I'm dying for some though!. So far I don't have cankles problem so fingers crossed! because I would hate to not be able to wear all my shoes ever again.

Anyway till next update!


ODJ: Grey Top from Country Road, Black Cardigan from Ralph Lauren, Skirt from BCBGMaxAzria, Shoes from J.Crew, Balenciaga Day bag in Rouille and Chanel J12 38mm.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Little Tuesday Pleasure

I'm totally in the mood to dress up this morning, I think I'm totally showing too these days (I'm at 20w5d today) but I'm not complaining, it's kinda cute knowing there are 2 chubbies in there and oh..oh..I'm having boys! DH and I already have names so we are pretty much set. We actually already have names in mind for ages. All these times we were hoping nobody (friends and family) take the names and glad to say we are safe!

I feel great overall despite the difficulties of sleeping most nights (nose congestion is super annoying) but I've been using the nasal strips and it does help. Workwise...that is probably something I will complain about, we have so many deadlines towards December and I really don't want to think about it right now haha.

I still have not shop for any specific maternity items beside the skinny jeans and the spanx legging...I don't know..I'm not sure what to buy, I just get by these days but those days are outnumbered soon, I need to do some serious shopping!


ODJ: T-shirt dress and Cardigan from Forever21, Booties from Urban Outfitters and Vitello Half Moon Tote from Prada.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


OK-twinkies got their first Mimijumi bottles today. I posted here because they look so adorable and worthy to be placed in fashion blog HAHA.

Anyway after reading good reviews about this bottle, I'm sold. I bought them at Zulily so they are discounted. Their mommy is shopaholic so it's kinda expected that they will get something great but fashionable at the same time (yeah that's the excuse!). DH has no comments at the time I typed this hehe.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cute Maternity Tops!

I'm dying to buy some cute maternity stuffs and plan to do so at the end of this month. NOW, guessing the size is going to be a battle only because the tops I like are from and they are like in UK.
Why can't I find something remotely this cute here in US...sigh...

In the meantime I only can drool at the pictures hoping I dare to take the plunge and make a purchase.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Almost 17!

Hello! Nothing new from this side. I'm 16w5d today and I feel fine. Trying to put up with the heat is the hardest. Umm..oh DH and I also found out that one of the twinkies is a boy! I'm so very happy! I've been wanting a little boy for the longest time :-D

Unfortunately the other kiddo loves to play hide and seek, won't find out until my next appointment in about 3 weeks. If it's a girl, then everything is perfect!

Anyhow, I'm having a problem loving this maternity jeans. I bought this skinny maternity from Pea in the Pod, the fit is great but I have to keep pulling it up, how classy. Hope it will fit better in a couple of weeks. I still can wear my SFAM but it's a little snug as soon as I had my meal. Muffin top is not classy either don't you think haha.


ODJ: Silk top from Banana Republic, Skinny Jeans from Pea in the Pod, Shoes from J.Crew, Cartier de Ballon Bleu and Vitello Half Moon tote from Prada.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hey Hey

Long time no see you guys! Haven't been able to update this blog :-( I was in Dallas for work whole last week too and before that, the preparation to go to Dallas was like crazy. If you knew what I wore during those hectic times.....let's say flip flop almost become my best friend.

Anyway a little update, I'm 14w2d today, I must say I'm glad that I'm no longer in the first trimester. Ummm and I've been keeping this a secret for a while, but I'm going to have twinkies :-D so there! I guess one is not enough, I just gotta have 2 at once hehe. So just a little warning, I'm going to be as big as Texas and it will be more than a challenge to find something decent to wear.

If you have any tips let me know, I think I'm going to do lots of layering especially since by the time I get to third trimester, it will be fall/winter.


ODJ: Dress (no brand), Sandals from Steve Madden, Gucci Hysteria bag, Bangle from Forever21 and Chanel J12 38mm.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Outfit on a Good Day

I have a couple of tops that I normally don't wear unless it's a good day-don't ask me why, I just kinda save them. Well, since they probably won't fit me very very soon, I just have to wear them from now on. This is one of them. I love the color so much and it's a silk so it's very comfortable to wear on hot days, better yet it was on sale, I only had to pay less than 100 bucks for it.


ODJ: Silk Top from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Shorts from Gorman, Gucci Hysteria Bag, Cartier de Ballon Bleu and Varina flat from Ferragamo.

Friday, July 2, 2010

What's New in July

If anyone wondering, I'm all well thanks! I'm not sick or anything, just been busy at work and the last thing I want to do is dressing up to work hehe.

Anyway, what's new? Well I don't have m/s which is I consider a blessing. But yeah I do have that occasional heartburn and sometimes I felt like I just ran for a marathon and ooh..the hunger attack-I cannot keep up sometimes. I cannot wait till first trimester is over though (which is not for another 3.5 weeks), right now I'm still a worry wart which is not helping ;-)

Hmm..what else- oh I finally got my new cellphone. After waited for a little over 3 weeks, I finally got my Droid. Couldn't be happier with my new toy.

How about today? I'm having a day off that's for sure. I'm going to have another gold class movie/lunch session with a friend (umm..we are going to watch Eclipse).

Happy Fourth of July!

ODJ: Silk ruffles top from Ann Taylor, Black Cardigan from J.Crew, Skinny Jeans from AEO, Jumbo Classic Flap in Bleu Roi from Chanel and Heels from Casadei.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Heart Alex Perry

I loved Alex Perry when I used to live in Sydney. Still do. Absolutely love his wedding dresses but couldn't afford his price tag when I got married ;-)
One day perhaps.. if I have a daughter maybe I spoil her and get her the Chanel shoes to match for her wedding hehe.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

Austin is already burning. No even a slightest  breeze. Just humid. Hot. So here we go again peeps, me complaining about summer and I won't stop talking about it until 'at least' beginning of October hahaha ;-)

Anyway, I'm wearing shorts to work-what the heck right, luckily I don't work in a corporate environment, imagine if I have to wear suits everyday which I did back in Sydney.


ODJ: Top from Anthropologie, Cardigan from Ralph Lauren, Shorts from Gorman, Ballet shoes from J. Crew, Balenciaga Day Bag in Rouille and Cartier de Ballon Bleu.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Stingray Encounter

I don't know why I look so excited about touching a stingray. I purposely waited in the corner until one (or more) came so I can touch it and DH managed to take a pic where I look the most excited haha.


ODJ: Dress and Cardigan from Target, Tank from Miss Shop (Australian brand), Balenciaga Black GSH and Sandals from Bakers.

Full pic of the outfit

Friday, May 28, 2010

Long Weekend

My long weekend is start today with SATC2 at Gold Class cinema in a few hours. Tomorrow morning I'm off for my short vacation with DH ;-)


ODJ: Top from Marc for Marc Jacobs, Skinny jeans from AEO, Ballet shoes from Country Road (Australian brand), Chanel J12 38mm and Balenciaga Black GSH

Ooh yesterday at 6.25pm I found out from my doctor that I'm expecting!! Initially not convinced, but alas...there--the word that I thought I never see. DH and I are super excited but it hasn't sink in yet. For now my skinny jeans still fit hehehe

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yay I Feel Like Dancing

...with this outfit- if I could ;-)
Hey it's enough to make me happy though, 10 more days before vacation.


ODJ: Top from Alice + Olivia, Puff sleeves blazer from Tokito (Australian brand), Skirt from J. Crew, Booties from YSL, Chanel J12 38mm and Balenciaga Black GSH (not shown).

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lurve This!

Courtesy of TPF-look at those compartments, how lovely and it looks so squeezable. I probably need to get my doctor to pay for it since he earned so much of me HAHA. Yeah I wish!


Friday, May 14, 2010

The Great Friday!

The reason(s) to love today:
  •'s Friday!!
  • Yesterday was the end of doctor appointments (well for now at least until further notice)-so happy!
  • 14 more days before my long weekend and short vacation that means I need to do my shopping soon to get ready for vacay ;-)
I hope you love today as much as I do~


ODJ: Dress bought in Sydney (no brand), Belt from Target, Necklace from J Crew, Shoes from Chanel, Bag from Gucci, Bangle from Forever21 and Ballon Bleu from Cartier

Monday, May 10, 2010

No Longer MIA

And hope this last for a while. I've been having a difficult 2 weeks. Got an allergy due to pollen in the area and doctor appointments every second day or so (what's new right? I've been doing this for months in fact almost 3 years). Many times I left home as early as 6.45am to go for a lab appointment.

I have to say, it has taken its toll- I'm not going to do it again after this Thursday. I'm taking a break from anything doctor/meds related (indefinitely) and looking forward to short vacation in 3 weeks time with DH. I think doing nothing is what's best for me.

That said, I'm in dire needs of summery dress(es). I want them for my vacation haha. One thing will never change, I will always have that soft spot for buying things haha, I will never grow tired of it!

Here for more ODJs to come!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quiet Weekend

I had a non-glamorous weekend I'm afraid. My car made this screeching sounds but I didn't notice it till about 2 weeks ago and that's because I always have music blaring from my iPod--note to self: I need to turn the volume down or I'm going to be deaf. Turned out to be the break pads that need replacing ;-)

Other than that DH and I are having a quiet weekend only out for lunch.


ODJ: Dress from BCBG, CC necklace with a bow from Chanel
Ps. and no, I didn't wear this outfit to the car repairer heheh

Monday, April 19, 2010

Quirky Thing On Monday

Not fashion related but I stumbled a job advertisement by accident and when I read it through I almost fell from my chair :D

Basically they would like someone who is non-smoker (which is fine by me as I don't smoke) and "fragrance free". Umm can somebody tell me what is that mean? Is it me or that request is a little too extreme? I'm assuming that someone in their office allergic to any fragrance but would you go this far to get the job? And worse, this company offer 2 weeks paid time off after you work there for 12 months. Talk about working like a slave. Quirky, but I'm not impressed.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Casual Friday

I'm putting no effort this morning seriously haha. Funny how I love celebs wearing much worn tees and ripped jeans with nice handbags but still looking good but me, in the other hand, 95% of the time I looked like a slob if I ever go out not caring about the outfits.

But I let it go this morning. It's Friday and it's raining outside- so forget it. I picked up my 10 years old (yes, you read it right) Burberry shirt from the hanger, wear it with my jeans. I have to wonder though, do you think it last that long because of the brand? When I bought it 10 years ago, I was complaining about the $150+ price tag and I bought it at duty free. But now I can justify the price-seriously $15 a year is nothing :-) hahaha. Happy Friday!


ODJ: L/S Shirt from Burberry, Skinny Jeans from AEO, Ballet flat from Chanel, Chanel Black Caviar Jumbo and 36mm Ballon Bleu de Cartier.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Updated Chanel Family Portrait

I've been dragging this since November. Click here to see the old family portrait.
I've been wanting to take another Chanel family portrait to include my Bleu Roi Jumbo. 5 months later today, I took this picture (click on the picture to see the bigger size). Hope you like it! Trying to be artsy but I think I failed miserably, talk about being lazy haha.


05 Ultimate Soft in Coral Pink Lambskin-Silver HW
06 East West in Violet Fonce Lambskin-Ruthenium HW
09 Jumbo Flap in Black Caviar-Gold HW
09 Medium/Large Flap in Red Caviar-Pale Gold HW
09 Med Reissue Camera Case in Matte Grey Calfskin-Ruthenium HW
09 Grand Shopper Tote (GST) in Dove Grey Caviar-Silver HW
10 Jumbo Flap in Bleu Roi-Silver HW