Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hunting For a Perfect Everyday Bag Part 2

Ok. That's it. I've ordered it. I initially wanted black, blue, burgundy etc..turned out that I saw this amazing color (think: very light grey with blue and purple tones depending on the lights) but of course sold out mostly everywhere. My SA, found it, should be here on Wednesday. He will give me a call so that I can "inspect" it hehe. Stay tune till then!

Hint: I decided to stay faithful with Chanel...sigh...


  1. Hey sis so did you end up getting GST? If I were you, between your selections I would've actually chose one of the Prada's, either of them. I loved the one 'my favorite girl' Miranda's carrying and maroon shades is going to be very in. I think it looks pretty comfy/user friendly, and the size is big enough, does it come in bigger size though? So anyway, if I am buying an everyday bag it might be this one. The image you attached of Cervo seemed bigger. GST chain/straps seems going to be a pain.. Have you seen and tried them all?

    But if you ask me what everyday bag I really been wanting to have, it would be Hermes Lindy. *gentle sigh* pretty pretty Lindy.

  2. I tried the red and the black Prada, love the red but too much like my Balenciaga and the black cervo somebody in the forum complained the color transferred to her white skirt (kok tas bisa luntur sih yaa), so I decided not to get them. I went to Chanel to try the GST and they turned out to be okay for me. Oh well..I've ordered it but since it's a transferred from another store, I have to check to make sure everything is perfect. I still can decide not to buy it though....