Monday, December 31, 2012

Last days of 2012

I'm not staying up to welcome new year so I would like to wish you a happy new year now. It's been nice to know 2012, it's been interesting and it's been too fast at times. But overall we are doing good this year.

I've been enjoying having my little sister and her hubby here. I really don't want them to go (in 2 weeks) :-(
Oh looks like we are visiting soon, not sure when yet but definitely soon!

Some pics so far from their visit and my little boys a month away from being 2 years old!!

My boys are wearing their Carter's Pjs lol

ODJ: Pink blazer from H&M, Cartier Love bracelets, SFAM jeans, no brand black tee and Prada handbag

ODJ: Denim top from Anthropologie, SFAM jeans, sandals from Fendi and Camellia WOC from Chanel

More Carter's Pjs ;-)

ODJ: Turtleneck from Emerson Fry, leather jacket from BCBG MaxAzria and J.Crew handbag. My boys wore their Zara Baby sweater, Peek Dungarees skinny jeans and Tsukihoshi sneakers.

ODJ: Vest from H&M, SFAM jeans and Flats from Zara. My boys wore Zutano sweaters, Bonds jeans and Tsukihoshi sneakers.

ODJ: Turtleneck from Emerson Fry, Peacoat from Old Navy, Pants from Zara and heels from Louboutin

ODJ: L/S black tee from Forever21, Poncho from Missoni, SFAM jeans and boots from Gianni Bini

Lastly...I know I shouldn't...but I couldn't resist. I bought this Miu Miu during Vegas trip (on sale), I feel bad about it but I LOVE it!! Sorry for the iPhone pic, I may take better pics later.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December already?!?

Yep! 2 weeks to go before Xmas. I am loving it! What's more work related stuffs should die down soon. That means I 'hope' I can write more-- I don't have a good track record so far do I?

Anyway here in Austin, TX, we had a really late fall. We didn't see those leaves falling till probably about few weeks ago which is unusual. It hasn't been that cold either. Maybe once or twice we got some cold front, but nothing more than that. This week is another (cold front). I was so happy to finally taking my winter blazers out. One of them is the one I'm wearing today :-) It's from Gap and I LOVE the pink with white piping accent.
Probably not warm enough for East coast, but it's good enough where I live. I wore a pretty thick black sweater underneath. I'm pretty bundled up and warm at this point.

Ohh back to Xmas, I have my sister and her hubby coming over from Sydney this weekend and guess what, we are all going to Vegas to celebrate Xmas!!! It's been 3 years since I went outside Texas haha if you know what I mean ;-)

Anyway I'm looking forward to that and I shall report back after the trip. What's your Xmas plan this year?
I hope you have a great time with your family and friends!!

ODJ: Blazer from Gap, Sweater from J.Crew, Poncho from Missoni, Black Skinny jeans from SFAM, Kiddos' vest and white shirt from Cherokee (Target), Pants from Zara, bowties from Bennie Bowtie, puppy shoes from Stride Rite, DH's sweater from Old Navy and shoes from Magli.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Busy Busy!

So what's the update? Well nothing much with me personally. But as a family we start to re-think about the boys' future and what to do to get there. First off, we were being re-zoned by our city and we got the district schools...that well...I do not want to say "bad", but it's not what we want. We are considering all options (keeping them in private schools or move where the great school districts are or even wait in case we are being re-zone again etc) and all that really driving me bonkers.

You probably think I'm crazy since they are barely 2 years old but trying to make that right decision is not an easy one. So much to think about. I personally hate moving. I have no words to describe it but I just really do not want to go there (if I can). Funnily enough when I used to live in Sydney during my years at school, I moved almost once a year. Every time I saw this new apartment being built, I waited till it's ready to be occupied then move there right after. I'm supposed to be the expert packer but I guess I just don't have energy for that anymore, not to mention I have a hell a lot of more stuffs now compare to my bare minimum furnished apartment.

Anyway, we have plenty of time to think and prioritizing but it's been on my head these days. What else, like I mentioned my boys are not even 2 yet, they are 20 months old currently. They are happy babies and they are doing well. They are still at Montessori, a different Montessori though. We just recently moved them to this other place that is much better and we are very happy so far. Sanford loves to say NO on everything and they both loves their Elmo books, their touchpads as well as their vacuum and lawnmower toys. Sanford is my little independent boy while Winston is more like a momma's boy.

Here are my babies ;-)



OK- shopping wise ;-) Unfortunately beside buying for the boys, I haven't done any more big spending for myself.
I did however file for a divorce...with my Android phone citing irreconcilable differences lol :p
I ordered iPhone 5 last Friday and it's currently on its way. So excited!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

High heels are pleasure with PAIN?

Well that's what Mr. Louboutin said. I have few pairs myself and it's funny how I always expect myself to be in pain when I bought his shoes. I just knew it's going to be stiff and hard to walk on. I'm going to get slight blisters and squished toes for the first few wears. Unlike others, I won't go beyond 110mm. Not even 120mm.
So anyway, I decided to get a new work shoes, in classic black patent and I chose Decollete. They are beautiful shoes for sure, and I just got them back from being resoled in red and the owner of the shop told me, the shoes are just so pretty..hehe of course I believed him! But yeah my toes are being molded to this narrow corner...uurgh it's definitely painful! Oh well....I kept telling myself it will get better. Hopefully by this weekend if I keep wearing them.

I have Nude Piou Piou coming later this afternoon too, so stay tuned :-)


ODJ: Blouse from Forever21, Welt pockets skinny jeans from SFAM, Heels from Louboutin and Chanel J12

I DO love my Louboutin even if I have to suffer ;-)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rain Rain Rain

We had 100+ degrees days for the past 2 weeks so I was pleasantly surprised to see some rain over the weekend and one huge thunderstorm last night. I got to the office 7am this morning and the windows are all misty, which I love. But forget about wearing casual today hehe, we are having big meetings today and tomorrow so I have to be on my heels and skirt not Chanel rainboots with skinny jeans ;-)

Anyhoo...I got my favorite top on with a simple black skirt and my Loub but now I started to regret it when the folks who are coming for the meeting turning up in jeans booo!

ODJ: Top from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Skirt from Cue (Australia), Shoes from Louboutin, Chanel J12, Cartier Love bracelets.

Monday, July 9, 2012

July already?

Wow I've been non-existent this past month! Heck I didn't even know where I've been. Nothing much in terms of shopping, guess I've been busy with the kiddos and work.
Anyway I just wanted to stop by and say Hi cause I know it has been a while. June we had birthday parties to attend then we went to Houston during 4th of July and we had fun. Much better family trip than during Xmas last year.

ODJ: I'm wearing top from Madewell, Cartier bracelets, Chanel J12 and the boys' outfits are from Baby Gap, Country Road and Keen little shoes.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Emerson Fry Mod Dress

This is not what I bought over the weekend, but I got this few months back so I thought I post it. I just LOVE this dress from Emersonmade (now Emerson Fry). I know it's simple, but seriously I cannot find this anywhere else. The length is perfect as I'm not even that tall (5'4) and has pockets too. By the way I had to wear cami with this dress because the hooks keep unhooked itself in the process and many times revealead my bra and that's not very classy hehe.

I didn't put any accessories with the dress when I took the the pic, but normally I will wear long necklaces and it looked so good too. And now I wish I have a bright red heels ;-)

ODJ: Mod dress from Emerson Fry, Peep toe heels from Louboutin, Chanel J12 and Cartier Love bracelets.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Post Mother Day's Shopping

I hope you had a great Mother's Day celebration yesterday. It was my second Mother's day and instead of presents, I asked my DH to let me go shopping on my own, yes alone, without kids!

I stopped by at NM hoping to see something I like from their current sale, but unfortunately nothing (and it's probably a good thing for my wallet).
I bought a couple of things from Madewell, J. Crew, Zara and Anthropologie so over the next week I will wear the new items, take pics and post it on my blog.

Today I'm wearing one of the item that I bought. I was looking for black pants that can go casual and dressy at the same time. When I saw this online at, I did not see the appeal at all. When I saw it in person, again, I wasn't too impressed but I picked up my size anyway and headed to the fitting rooms. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this on. Not only it is the type of pants that I'm looking for (pleated and pull on type), the material is light and fully lined, perfect for all seasons. The pants goes well with heels, flats, cute blazers, flowy tops even business shirt. Too bad it's not on sale haha, but I'm buying whether it's on sale or not ;-)


ODJ: Top from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Black pants from Anthropologie (brand: Leifnotes), Peep toe heels from Louboutin, Chanel J12 and Cartier Love bracelets.

Image from Anthropologie's website

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yellow Much

I'm wearing another yellow today at work. Today is Teacher Appreciation Day too, so I'm getting a dozen of cupcakes later today and will bring them over for the boys' teachers at lunch time. Yes, I'm not that creative when it comes to ideas what to make for days like this and I have nobody to blame but myself.

I didn't realize by putting kids to daycare/school, you will need a new skill set, that for one, you need to be prepare when they say that "hey, Valentine's day is coming up, kids are encouraged to swap Valentine's day card", the day won't be about swapping cards. In fact, last Valentine's day other [parents] prepared home made heart shaped cookies to be given out, gifts, self-made greeting cards, and I stupidly enough only brought 2 cards [read: that I bought] from Sanford and Winston. HECK how am I suppose to know to bring cards for the whole class- and gifts??! So I know I won't be creative today and I don't want to give personalized gift to every single teachers because I WILL skip one by accident. So you know what, I'll buy something that they can share.

In my defense, at least the card will be made of their picture and I hand-written the message and at least I look bright and happy in yellow :-D


ODJ: Top and Cardigan from Forever21, Skinny Cargo (Houlihan) from J Brand, Heels from Wittner, Cartier Ballon Bleu and Cartier Love Bracelets.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Yellow Friday

This week has been the longest week EVER! I had to drag myself from bed and I surely can do another hour or two extra sleep. Office drama all week, I'm now over it. I'm ready for Friday, ready for the weekend. I'm extra casual today and I throw in some yellow too to cheer my mood.


ODJ: Top from ASOS, Shorts from Gorman, Sandals from Steve Madden, Chanel J12, Cartier Love bracelets.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fendi Jelly Flat Sandals

I took advantage of the gift card event at Neiman Marcus recently and one of the item that I bought is this Fendi Jelly Flat Sandals. When I bought shoes/sandals I tend to choose more neutral colors so when I saw this sandals in NM catalog (in bright yellow/red/blue combo), I wasn't sure if I can pull them off. I went online and found they have this white/red/black combo instead so I decided to get it.

They are very comfy and cute at the same time, love it so far!

ODJ: Top from Anthropologie, Skinny jeans from AEO, Chanel J12, Fendi Jelly flat sandals.

Monday, April 23, 2012

San Antonio Zoo Trip 2012

We took the boys to San Antonio Zoo on Saturday to celebrate them being 15 months old. The boys had fun and the weather was absolutely gorgeous!

On Sunday we had pizza and just hang around at home. The boys wearing their t-shirt that we bought at the zoo as souvenirs! I need more weekend like this pleaseeee :-)

ODJ: Black top from Old Navy, Bermuda shorts from Alice + Olivia, Necklace from Forever21, Cartier Love Bracelets, Camellia WOC from Chanel, Sandals from Steve Madden and Chanel J12. Boys' polkadots polos from Kicky Pants, Ninja pants from Bonds Baby (Australia), Trainers from Nike, Green tees from San Antonio Zoo, Shorts from Circo (Target)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Emerson Fry White Mod Dress

I don't normally go crazy over white outfit-white dress specifically, but this one makes me swoon. I love how simple the dress looks but it's dressy enough for any occasion. Honestly I want it so bad but I hate how I cannot try it, especially because it is white. The color that I normally would avoid. I've been watching the site all day and the sizes started to diminish. Ohhh what to do!



Our office finally moved to this new location up North last week and I was so happy! Not only the new location will cut my traveling time to half (I'm about 15-20 mins away from home now compares to 45 mins), I'm about 5 minutes away from the boys' montessori and oooh 3 minutes away from NM haha.
Picking them up every afternoon is now a breeze and I don't get grumpy on the road. The office is brand spanking new with full size mirror in the women bathroom (I don't know about you, but that's important for me), trails at the back, huge kitchen with cafetaria style, personalized lockers (mine contains foods HAHA) and so on.

Anyway, I couldn't take pictures properly in front of the full size mirror. I don't know..I think the lighting angles kinda wrong. Oh well..I will keep practicing.

These were from Thursday/Friday last week :-)


ODJ: Pink top from Forever21, Cargo Skinny from J Brand, Sandals from Steve Madden (they are soooo Valentino but not!), Long sleeve tee from Forever21, Cropped cardi from Autumn Cashmere, Jeans from AEO, Chanel J12 and Cartier Love bracelets.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

I hope you have a great Easter so far with your families. We've been pretty outdoorsy the whole weekend as we took the boys to the Easter Extravaganza yesterday at the Riverbend Church and we went for brunch today and stopped by at the Old Settlers Park for some bluebonnet pictures (my first time ever too since I moved to Austin in 2007!). Anyway, it was nice day and great way to burn some cals from the brunch hehe.


ODJ: Grey Cardi from Velvet by Graham & Spencer, Blue tunic from Forever21, Black dress from BCBG MaxAzria, Chanel Camellia Sandal, Chanel J12, Cartier Love bracelets, Boys' L/S and S/L polos from Ralph Lauren, Robeez and Nike Shoes, Baby Gap Jeans and iPlay hats.