Friday, February 18, 2011

4 Weeks on..

I think I'm coping pretty well with the lack of sleep since the twins are here. Sure I had my low moments but I know it's going to get better!
Anyway, while my sister still here, we went shopping at the Domain. I went pretty nuts..actually on a second thought, it wasn't too bad (damage wise). I got some nice goodies, it was good to be back to the shopping arena hehe.

Today my sister left me. I had to send her to the airport, back to Sydney, back to real world. And I miss her already. My boys definitely misses their aunt.

Hopefully I can take the boys to see her soon or vice versa! Probably before they turn 2 haha, not sure how hard to travel with twins in tow. Till next time my darling sister..muach!


ODJ: Top from Forever21, Skinny Cargo from J Brand, Bag from Prada, Chanel J12 38mm and Ballet Flats from J Crew