Saturday, September 19, 2009

New baby J12

As promised, I took pictures of my new watch. She's a Chanel J12 H2124, Black, 38mm, with diamonds markers. I love it so much!
The smaller size is 33mm, but since my wrists are not exactly dainty, I just gotta get this 38mm in which they called it as mid-size. They also have 42mm, but normally that's for men, though I know some girls love men watches. I went to Chanel at NM this morning so they can remove some of the links.


ps. this will be the most expensive item I bought this year...sigh...looks like I will have to skip bday and xmas presents lol (but I know my sisters will say "yeahhhh rightt")
With my Bvlgari B.Zero ring that I bought in Singapore last year
With my beloved Macbook
Emma Watson with her black J12
And Rihanna's white 33mm

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