Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Have the Best DH ever!

My DH is not the one who remembers anniversary dates and organize something spectacular with it. I mean come on, he put all those important dates in his Outlook. The same thing when he sent me an Outlook invite(s) the other day..YES INVITES-to send him to airport and pick him up from airport. I mean..LOL..I'm scratching my head here, why would I forget to pick him up?. And hang on, he sent those invites to my work email--I won't get the reminders unless I'm at work on Saturday right?

Anyway, I don't think he ever care about wedding date as such. What he cares about is the date he popped the question haha which is 9/24 (FYI: that's the same day Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore got married haha not sure if that's even important).

So Thursday morning when I woke up, I saw this envelope under my wallet. I've been going to facials and massages for the past couple of months. That's my way to relax (and have a good skin at the same time) beside shopping like mad, because sometimes work is overwhelming and makes me want to be Uma Thurman from Kill Bill and it's not good for me. Add that with the non stop visit to the doctors, sometimes I've just had it you know and I want ME time.

Ok, back to the topic. Inside the envelope is a spa gift certificate at my favorite place at the Domain. I was like wow..sometimes he's so unpredictable and cute. The gift certificate was kinda vague, there was no amount or anything. Then being me,  curiosity kills the cat :p
I expect the gift certificate to be enough for one massage or spa. OMG I sounded so ungrateful right now..but hey I want to know!

Lo and behold, I finally rang the spa place yesterday and of course she was so delighted to talk to me and told me that DH put $500 in that gift certificate..oh *faint* I'm taken care of till early 2010 I guess ;-)
Oh...he is the best!! I love ya..

If you are in Austin, this place is highly recommended. They are fairly new, but the place is so so nice. I normally get to change to a robe and slippers, put your things in the locker, shower facility with abundant towels, and waiting lounge where you can just lay down while they ask you if you care for drinks.
Price wise they are not that horribly expensive. Yes, they are more expensive than those chain-facial place such as facelogic (OMG don't get me started on my horrible experience with facelogic), but for the money they are worth every penny. And what's best of course the location ;-) you can go shopping afterwards.



  1. Haha Thanks! He's normally not romantic at all- so this is surprised me!