Monday, January 25, 2010

Australia Day - 2010

Wish you a Happy Australia Day! I surely do miss my barbies, fish and chips, meatpies, sausage rolls or simply strolling at Bondi Beach and shopping at Paddington, Chatswood and Pitt St!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Don't You Just Hate Busybody?

Anyway I won't say much except, get a life!
Though it's not exactly about a bag, shoes etc, my response to busybody peeps goes along like below-


Green With Envy

Do you like this baby? Because I think I'm screwed. It's only third week of Jan and I already started to liking things. It's the new Chevron M/L flap in Green Lambskin.
I grabbed the pic from TPF...oh that place is such an enabler haha and I'm already green with envy (but my green bucks won't like it!).


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good Night

I have a doctor appointment tomorrow morning (ugh) and I'm about ready for bed (yes it's only 8pm!), but of course I just had to post a picture of me with my new YSL shoes. The shoes fit like a glove despite guessing for the size while ordering~ totally happy about them.

Psst please mind my bruised knee (hope you cannot see it though), believe it or not I fell at the parking lot outside the office this morning- I was that sleepy *chuckle*. And no I wasn't even wearing heels!


ODJ: Long sleeves black cardigan from Free People, Polka dot silk top from Marc Jacobs, Black shorts from Gorman (Australian Brand) and Booties from YSL.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Casual Dressing

I have to say I love casual dressing the most. I feel most comfortable when wearing my loose top, cardigan, jeans and flat shoes (and I hope it looks as nice!).
Anyway, I throw my casual outfits for my spa appointment today- happy!


ODJ: Floral top from Thakoon for Target (my favorite item!), Black cardigan from Ralph Lauren, Bootcut jeans "Johnny" from True Religion, Clusters necklace from Diva (Sydney), Chanel 08 logo canvas ballet shoes and Chanel J12 38mm.

And while I'm gone, DH made these Crab Rangoons, how chubby are they?!?

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I'm in the mood for goofing off haha- so I took some pictures and played around with them and change the top header of this blog too *grin*
Happy Saturday girls!


ODJ: 3/4 sleeves black blazer from Veeko (bought in HK), Off white eyelet top from Anthropologie, Sunburst necklace and headband from J.Crew (couldn't tell the headband from the pics), Hot pink belt from Prada, Chanel J12 38mm watch and Black stretch pants from Papaya.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I Need to Make a Mental Note

That my Xmas tree need to be pulled down and packed! If I delay it for another week, I'm going to smack myself with plastic spoon.


It's done! Wohooo 01/16/10

Thursday, January 14, 2010


So I will have my YSL shoes delivered to the office by end of this week-but of course the silly Fedex just had to put a delivery date for Saturday when the office is actually close. Ugh you know what that means, they are just going to leave a card (because signatures required) and I will have to pick up my babies somewhere God knows where because I work all the way down South while I live up North. Oye.

Bought Bruno Magli shoes for DH last week, he's happy though I have to say going shopping with him requires high patient threshold, I mean I thought it will be easy, but no...there's always something wrong with the shoes that I picked for him.

Long weekend is coming up with Monday being a MLK day. Lovely. I booked a 3 hours spa on the Sunday at the usual place.

So this morning, being Thursday, I have a reason to be happy and I decide to put more effort with my working outfit as I've been looking like a dag lately o_O


ODJ: Black summer dress from Target, Black mesh cardigan from Forever21, Black belt from Target, Tights from Simply Vera Wang for Kohls, Gucci logo pumps, Balenciaga Day bag in Rouille and South sea pearl w/ diamond necklace-a gift from DH.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Missing Summer?

Not me. But I wouldn't mind having these outfits now, seeing that stores start to stock their Spring collection.


These are from

and love this sequin shorts from J.Crew

as well as their minty green cashmere cardigan...

Oooh....and this YSL booties... She's finally mine in a week time! Yay!!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Yay, it's Friday! Back to work after the holiday season is the hardest. It's been so cold lately, but you won't hear me complaining. I can so totally have winter forever!

Off to Debbie's birthday party tonight. Having margaritas about now looks so appealing~

ODJ: Black turtleneck from Gap, Skinny jeans by AEO, Boots from Nine West, Coat bought from Sydney's chinatown (yes, seriously), LV Monogram Speedy 35


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ballet Flat from J.Crew

I always have a thing about ballet flat. I wore my super soft black ballet flat (Winona) from Country Road (Australian brand) in every opportunity until the leather peeled, need to be re-soled and one day it was raining like crazy and my lovely ballet flat were ruined (the glue on the insole was coming off, soaking wet with rains).

When I went back to Sydney last May, I had the opportunity to go back to Country Road and buy another. I bought the red one and I baby these shoes so much and this could be why they are still in good condition. On top of these I already have Ferragamo and Chanel ballet flat, but honestly they are not as comfy as my CR's.

Anyway, on Wednesday I stopped by J.Crew and checked out their sales. Nothing out of interest (phewww), but I finally tried on their ballet flat and it's super soft and comfy. I didn't buy them but now I cannot stop thinking about it. I'm eyeing the nude color ("Pale Oak") and right now I basically HOPE they still have my size by Monday. If the store don't have them I guess I can buy them online, but I hope I don't have to do that (because I don't want to pay for shipping). Fingers cross!!


First ODJ of 2010

To be honest I was in a quite lousy mood. Don't know why, I just don't have much patient today (or ever).
Didn't do much today (and I want to keep it that way), except going out for lunch. I guess I'm just terribly lazy and unmotivated!


ODJ: Black cardigan with mesh (LOVE the mesh!) and legging from Forever21, Chanel GST in light grey, and my overly-used Momo flats by Jimmy Choo.