Friday, September 18, 2009

I heart Doctor visits...NOT ;-)

I had a doctor appointment this morning. For me visiting doctors are like having a regular facial, one way to put it don't you think? They examine you, they give you diagnosis (hopefully-if they know what's wrong with you) and they'll try to give you a solution. I had my moments of course, I mean going to a doctor (repeatedly) is by no mean going to the mall!

Hence I'm using this blog to distract myself. I like pretty things and writing about pretty things makes me happy.

Oh..since my appointment was at 9am, I didnt have to be at work till at least 10am. That means, I can take pics. Says who you cannot wear your favorite shoes to the doctor? That said, I'm scheduled for another doctor appointment on Monday morning, have a good weekend!


ODJ: Old Navy light grey V neck tee, Express jacket, AEO skinny jeans, Christian Louboutin (Open Clic in Nude).

Look familiar? That's Lady Gaga with the same shoes like mine. We are shoes buddies!!

Update: My J12 is on her way to me! the last time I checked, she was in Austin Fedex waiting to be sorted. I should be able to pick it up after work today and post pics later tonight or tomorrow morning...soooo happy!!


  1. I love Lady GaGa. Nice to know you're shoe buddies.
    Patti P

  2. Yes. But I'm not a fan of her outfit LOL- so we only can be shoes BFF.