Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Training Week

We are having some training today and tomorrow in the office. I'm not involved in any way but that means I can't do casual on these 2 days. I was thinking of wearing my Jason Wu for Target dress, but the rain hasn't stopped this morning so I couldn't be bothered. I ended up wearing almost all black but I'm pretty pleased :-)


ODJ: Black top from Old Navy, Blazer from Tokito (Australia), Black skinny from SFAM, Black Chanel J12, Black/White heels from Casadei, Pearls from Chanel and Cartier Love bracelets.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Anniversary 2012

Couple of pics from today's outing. Our wedding anniversary is actually yesterday, but we celebrate it today instead. I'm wearing my double Love bracelets today too :-)


ODJ: Top from Old Navy, Skinny Jeans from SFAM, Camellia WOC from Chanel, Chanel J12, Chanel ballet shoes and Cartier Love Bracelets. My boys wearing Luca Charles tee, Gap Jeans and Robeez shoes.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This Time is PERFECT

My 2nd Love bracelet finally arrives (again) and this time she is beautiful. I'm truly happy now so here is a quick picture of them together. Pardon the phone picture, but I'm at work and I was on my lunch break.
This weekend when DH and I celebrate our wedding anniversary, I will post more pictures :-)


Monday, March 12, 2012


I know I promised to post some pictures for the 2 Love bracelets however without going to too much details, I had to return the 2nd love bracelet the same day I got it. All I can say, it didn't look as pristine that I would like to be due to the way they packaged the bracelet. In the box I found the 2 separate pieces and screwdriver without being protected whatsoever so you can imagine the condition of that poor Love hitting each other during the overnight trip.

After multiple calls they finally sending me a new one today and I should get it by tomorrow. Fingers cross that this time it will be perfect. Good thing I will put myself on a ban after this. I'm so traumatized by this experience and I almost fainted when I opened the red box.

Anyway though I can definitely recommend 2 SAs from Cartier Dallas that have been helpful through this whole thing, I can also recommend who you should avoid. I won't write off Cartier Dallas completely, but knowing who you should see or contact definitely a bonus.

Till tomorrow.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

My 2nd Love is here!

She finally arrives safely after overnight FedEx trip from Dallas :D
I cannot wait to get home so I can get DH to put it on and maybe take some pics. My Love bracelets are now complete. I think I'm going to put myself on a ban for luxury items for a while.

ps. The price increase is totally coming in a week or two. The SA told me herself. So if you plan to get something in the next few months, may as well get them now.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cartier Love Bracelet #2

is arriving tomorrow! Can't wait to take pics of them stack together. By the way I ordered another YG only because I cannot bear making my (future) daughter in laws pick one over the other lol. They will have the exact same one, one week apart :D (I know I sounded crazy right now haha..oh well...I know I'm giving them away one day anyway).

By the way this time I ordered from Cartier Dallas. I just refused to order anything from Houston. They were so snotty to me over the phone, so they are not going to get my money. It's not my fault we don't have Cartier here in Austin and my only option is to call. But when my questions bothering you, I really take offense. PLUS it's not a cheap item. Oh well...I'm happy now anyway. I'm not going to let anyone ruin my mood.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hmm...I dont even want to open it!

But I guess I should hey...I'm not even sure the size is correct hahaha. I ordered this from Saks Dadeland mall FL on Tuesday and I received it like 30 minutes ago.
I have this crazy idea that I should buy one more because I was thinking both of them will be my presents for my future daughter in laws one day. Am I crazy? The boys are only 13 months old! DH thinks it's not necessary but he didn't object either. But he did say, how cumbersome that screwdriver would be hahaha.

Update: OK, it fits. I of course unable to screw this myself but I put the 2 pieces together to see if they will cover my whole wrist and it did with small room to move (I was told that this shouldn't be too loose on your wrist or you scratch it even more).


So I thought I post some pictures of me with the bracelet on. The first picture you can see I can roll the bracelet all the way down at the bottom of my wrist. The second picture I can roll it down to about 2 inches from where the bone is. I also can turn the bracelet 360 degrees but it does take effort which is good, that means I don't have to keep adjusting it. It was quite weird to have the bracelet on while sleeping but I think I'll get used to it.