Sunday, September 27, 2009

From San Antonio with LOVE (loots!)

It started with this place...LOL

Then my car's backseat have these...

Duh...when I got home, I took pictures of my loots! OK, my LV 2010 agenda refill is not exactly loot, more like NEED, but I'm still happy with what I got. I didn't take a pic of my top from Anthropologie. It's kinda hard to capture what I want to show (the flutter sleeves). Oh well..I will take pics when I wear them.

TOP PRESS: Fendi outlet is about to open in San Marcos. I was there on the way back to Austin to see what Gucci outlet have. Oooh, the SA lady was effing rude @ Gucci (again this is Gucci at San Marcos). She looked at me as if I was a tourist or something and she's asian too. Shame on her. Knowing me, I don't mind spending $$ and help you get that commission if you are nice and helpful. But no, you don't deserve it and I don't appreciate you grab the bag off my hand as if I'm going to run with it. You mess with the wrong customer-BIG TIME.
I say, if you go to Gucci outlet, deal with the boys. They were lovely and polite to me unlike her.
For now, I would rather donate my money to either Saks in Troy Michigan or NM in San Antonio.

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