Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!!

It's early but I thought I say Happy New Year to everyone! What's the plan? I personally won't do anything special. Plus I'm still working even on New Year's Eve tomorrow, so this just feels like a long weekend to me, not holidays. Looking forward to Twenty Ten, that means more holiday(s) to plan since I will get my PTO back haha and more shopping (I shouldn't but oh well..).

Anyway I thought I post pic of the new cardigan that I bought last week. They are so cute with black dress and belts or with legging/skinny jeans. I will post modeling pics soon! Oh I got it from Forever21. I think these days it's either Anthropologie or Forever21 for me. I like trendy pieces, but unless I really really love it, I won't spend too much for it. Even with Anthro I normally wait till their sale ;-)

That said, Chanel will definitely increase their price (again!)- Jumbo caviar is now Maxi's old price. I kinda anticipated this back in November but it didn't happen, I guess, this time it's true. These applies to their watches and jewelries too. Should I say that I'm making the right investment(s)? haha. I'm such an enabler and bad influence for my sisters. They starting to follow suit and kept telling mom how Chanel is an investment. What have I done?!?

About 2010 resolution- this is one of my wishlist! I need this in my life. I want the large size but don't mind the medium, definitely no for small. It's Cartier watch from the Ballon Bleu collection. Look at her-It's LOVE. I may want the all stainless steel one, but it depends on how it looks in real life I guess.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Dying for YSL

I'm dying for this YSL shoes! They are on sale and I have a gift card, should I should I?


Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas from Vegas

Hope you have a happy Xmas! Vegas is great and I don't want to go home heheh. Sorry for the lack of update~


ODJ: Long sleeves strong shoulder tunic (I wore it as a top - from, Floral skirt from Anthropologie, Tights from Simply Vera Wang for Kohls, Patent/Suede shoes from Wittner, Chanel 10C Bleu Roi and necklace from Tiffany.

and a tribute to my lovely Chanel :D

Friday, December 18, 2009

Nothing Beats

a payrise. Won't start till January, but all I can think about is more shoes and bags! Ok, maybe not as much as this year haha since this year is definitely an overload but this definitely made my day.
Cannot wait to go to Vegas next week, happy happy! I need to start packing~

Ooh bought a skirt today from Anthropologie, I love it and I will wear it in Vegas.


Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Going to Las Vegas!

I love Vegas so much haha so DH and I are going there for Xmas :-)
We are going to stay at the newly opened Vdara, part of City Center Las Vegas, surrounded by Bellagio, Aria Resort and Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas and Crystals Retails. I so cannot wait!! I'm going to take million of pictures next week.


Click here for the hotel website!

First Xmas Tree

Ever since I moved to the US, DH and I never bought our own Xmas tree. Even after our house finished being built and we moved in there, still no tree. We finally bought one on Saturday night. I need more ornaments, but I'm happy that we finally have a tree.

By the way, now I'm confused where we should go for our trip next year. London, Hawaii or St Barts?


Saturday, December 12, 2009

20091212 ODJ

I'm about to go out with DH for lunch and shopping yay!! Weather is sux, so I wear a bright color just to makes me feel more cheerful :-D

ODJ: Cap sleeves dress with flutters details from Zara, Plain long sleeves tee from Forever21, Stirrup leggings by Ambra, Chanel J12, Chanel Jumbo Caviar in Black w/ Gold Hardware and Chanel Spark/Chains pump.


Friday, December 11, 2009

How Is This Possible?

Ok, now that I'm losing S, my SA from NM, I gotta get connected with a new one. And I think I found one  from Saks at Georgia :-)

That said, how funny is this main fact: I think my SA is more savvy than me and I'm a dork haha. Why? Because he sent all these beautiful bags and shoes pictures with his little iPhone (I know this because of COURSE it said at the bottom of the page "sent through iPhone"). And this is disturbing.
How come with the amount of money that I spent for fashion, I don't have a "smart" phone? How yr 2000 is Nadia? I really need a smartie pants phone, seriously- I am going to include this as my 2010 resolution. Forget about "losing weight" resolution- I need to be phone savvy!

Next, I have to tell you that my-already-basic cantonese is getting worse! For the life of me I couldn't understand how the heck I forgot how to say Roast Duck when I try to ordered it at this Chinese restaurant after work. I need go there more often-that's the solution hahahahaha. All of the staffs luckily speaks cantonese and we had a little chit chat with my rusty-not-exactly-the-right-way-to-say-it chinese. Anyway, I need to watch more HK series for sure, stop the Korean.

Anyway, thought we should have a giggle over this. No purchase(s) to report.


Carrousel Dots Top by Marc Jacobs

I just bought this cute summer top and cannot wait till  UPS deliver it next Tuesday. I love Marc Jacobs, they always have girly tops, skirts and cardigan. I don't find them at the highest quality though, that's why I normally wait till they have sale. Their tops can easily cost $180 and up with jackets can go as much as $500. Oh and I was talking about their Marc by Marc Jacobs range, not the Marc Jacobs that will cost even more.

So anyway, this top that I bought, originally cost $238 and I got it for $88. Pretty happy about that!
Here is the pic, and I actually bought the black one with white collar instead.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My New Chanel Shoes!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm swamped at work and probably continue that way till Xmas...sigh.
But what's better than getting a new pair of shoes. I initially bought 3 shoes, 2 Chanel and 1 Louboutin (they are on sale heheh), but since they don't have my size they ordered them from another stores.

A week later, which was last night, I went to NM and tried them on. Alas, the Louboutin just too tall for me (5 inches), so a no for that. Then the Chanel satin booties, unfortunately they weren't that comfortable and for satin with a leather shoes price..mmm..I don't think so. So that's a no too. Finally this last pair, Chanel classic spark chains logo shoes pump...they just fit beautifully! I love love them so much and what's best, not only they are only like 3.5 inches (walkable that is!), they are also 30% off the retail price and I got double points on my NM card. Yay!!  I'm wearing them to work this morning ;-)