Wednesday, August 22, 2012

High heels are pleasure with PAIN?

Well that's what Mr. Louboutin said. I have few pairs myself and it's funny how I always expect myself to be in pain when I bought his shoes. I just knew it's going to be stiff and hard to walk on. I'm going to get slight blisters and squished toes for the first few wears. Unlike others, I won't go beyond 110mm. Not even 120mm.
So anyway, I decided to get a new work shoes, in classic black patent and I chose Decollete. They are beautiful shoes for sure, and I just got them back from being resoled in red and the owner of the shop told me, the shoes are just so pretty..hehe of course I believed him! But yeah my toes are being molded to this narrow corner...uurgh it's definitely painful! Oh well....I kept telling myself it will get better. Hopefully by this weekend if I keep wearing them.

I have Nude Piou Piou coming later this afternoon too, so stay tuned :-)


ODJ: Blouse from Forever21, Welt pockets skinny jeans from SFAM, Heels from Louboutin and Chanel J12

I DO love my Louboutin even if I have to suffer ;-)