Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hunting For a Perfect Everyday Bag

I don't know what is the definition of perfect haha. I just want all features in one bag. For example, with my Balenciaga city, size is great, have zipper, you can use the long strap or you can do hand held. Almost perfect. But what I found, it's so hard to zip and trying to find things when I use the long strap because the bag is really slouchy (and this is a problem when I use the long straps 90% of the time).
My Chanel camera bag is lovely too, but since the chain is really one chain that you can use either as double or single (I normally use it as single), I just cannot grab things easily from there and it gets flatten at the top, if that makes sense. My classic flaps are off limit. Too heavy for everyday. Gucci Hysteria is fine, but without a zipper. I don't have complains with my Balenciaga Day (maybe that's why they called it "Day" to begin with- so that you can use it everyday), but yeah I just need a new one, either black, burgundy, brown or blue tote- not too big but enough for all the stuffs I carry.

These are the contenders so far:
Prada Saffiano and Tessuto Tote

Prada Cervo Shine Convertible Bag

Louis Vuitton Stresa in Azur (not available till early 2010)

Chanel GST

I have to say that it's too bad that Chanel is the most expensive of all. I love Chanel, but this time I'm divided, thus the reason I put the Chanel as my number 4 option. I heard ladies were complaining that the GST straps keep falling down. I love the Prada that Miranda has, the price point is a lot more attractive at this point, my second favorite is the Cervo Shine, it's so roomy just the way I like it. The LV, well..I cannot wait till February 2010 (typical me), so I don't know. If I'm stuck then mayyyyybe I will wait till then. What do you think?


Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Have the Best DH ever!

My DH is not the one who remembers anniversary dates and organize something spectacular with it. I mean come on, he put all those important dates in his Outlook. The same thing when he sent me an Outlook invite(s) the other day..YES INVITES-to send him to airport and pick him up from airport. I mean..LOL..I'm scratching my head here, why would I forget to pick him up?. And hang on, he sent those invites to my work email--I won't get the reminders unless I'm at work on Saturday right?

Anyway, I don't think he ever care about wedding date as such. What he cares about is the date he popped the question haha which is 9/24 (FYI: that's the same day Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore got married haha not sure if that's even important).

So Thursday morning when I woke up, I saw this envelope under my wallet. I've been going to facials and massages for the past couple of months. That's my way to relax (and have a good skin at the same time) beside shopping like mad, because sometimes work is overwhelming and makes me want to be Uma Thurman from Kill Bill and it's not good for me. Add that with the non stop visit to the doctors, sometimes I've just had it you know and I want ME time.

Ok, back to the topic. Inside the envelope is a spa gift certificate at my favorite place at the Domain. I was like wow..sometimes he's so unpredictable and cute. The gift certificate was kinda vague, there was no amount or anything. Then being me,  curiosity kills the cat :p
I expect the gift certificate to be enough for one massage or spa. OMG I sounded so ungrateful right now..but hey I want to know!

Lo and behold, I finally rang the spa place yesterday and of course she was so delighted to talk to me and told me that DH put $500 in that gift certificate..oh *faint* I'm taken care of till early 2010 I guess ;-)
Oh...he is the best!! I love ya..

If you are in Austin, this place is highly recommended. They are fairly new, but the place is so so nice. I normally get to change to a robe and slippers, put your things in the locker, shower facility with abundant towels, and waiting lounge where you can just lay down while they ask you if you care for drinks.
Price wise they are not that horribly expensive. Yes, they are more expensive than those chain-facial place such as facelogic (OMG don't get me started on my horrible experience with facelogic), but for the money they are worth every penny. And what's best of course the location ;-) you can go shopping afterwards.


Family Portrait

I finally took the time to take pics of all my bags rather than doing a bags show.
Here they are, sitting pretty for mommy. Not even my coffee table can accommodate them all.
By the way, I was exhausted by the time I finished with the photo shoot. I never thought this was such a hard work! *run to Chipotle for Burrito Bowl*


From San Antonio with LOVE (loots!)

It started with this place...LOL

Then my car's backseat have these...

Duh...when I got home, I took pictures of my loots! OK, my LV 2010 agenda refill is not exactly loot, more like NEED, but I'm still happy with what I got. I didn't take a pic of my top from Anthropologie. It's kinda hard to capture what I want to show (the flutter sleeves). Oh well..I will take pics when I wear them.

TOP PRESS: Fendi outlet is about to open in San Marcos. I was there on the way back to Austin to see what Gucci outlet have. Oooh, the SA lady was effing rude @ Gucci (again this is Gucci at San Marcos). She looked at me as if I was a tourist or something and she's asian too. Shame on her. Knowing me, I don't mind spending $$ and help you get that commission if you are nice and helpful. But no, you don't deserve it and I don't appreciate you grab the bag off my hand as if I'm going to run with it. You mess with the wrong customer-BIG TIME.
I say, if you go to Gucci outlet, deal with the boys. They were lovely and polite to me unlike her.
For now, I would rather donate my money to either Saks in Troy Michigan or NM in San Antonio.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Bday to My Little Baby Sister

It's my youngest sister's birthday today. I couldn't believe she's 25. I always view her as my baby sister, the spoilt one, the one who always look up to her 2 big sisters. But she's all grown up, in fact she's a married woman! I was 8 when she was born and she's adorable from day 1. She has an expensive taste like her sisters also ;-), in which she always blame us for it. Don't you know, it's actually mom's fault. Mom used to be mad at me if I mis-handling her Gucci purse.

It's really unfortunate that we don't live as close as we wanted too, I love her and miss her always..

The photo below was taken on her wedding day last month (I can't even attend...sigh). Notice her Louboutin? She always wanted one, so she finally took the plunge and bought it a couple weeks before the big day.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Being bitten by Louboutin Bugs

If you know Marchesa, they are a British designers that focused on print and embroidery evening gowns. They are so beautiful I always want to cry when I see them being worn by celebs during the awards season (Academy Award or Emmys) or just during red carpet moment. They exorbitantly expensive, but of course I know why. These days it's always between Marchesa and Monique Lhuillier for me...

Back to the topic as per title, Marchesa and Louboutin teamed up for 2010 Spring collection. I got distracted by Chanel for months, now I'm being bitten again by Louboutin. It's a never ending cycle! I almost forgotten my first love with the ever fabulous red soles Louboutin.

I would really like the shoes on the first pic, so exquisite with see-through sides, probably wear those to a wedding. In this case, I may force my middle sister to get married so I have an excuse to buy them haha

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shopping Spree Saturday

I'm off to a shopping trip this Saturday as soon as I drop off DH at the airport (he's going to NYC for a week). I will take pics of my ODJ that day and of course my loots hehe. I hope there is not going to be too much damage(s).
I'm meeting up with S at NM La Cantera, so should be fun! She has put away some stuffs for me ;-)

Stay tuned till Saturday!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

New baby J12

As promised, I took pictures of my new watch. She's a Chanel J12 H2124, Black, 38mm, with diamonds markers. I love it so much!
The smaller size is 33mm, but since my wrists are not exactly dainty, I just gotta get this 38mm in which they called it as mid-size. They also have 42mm, but normally that's for men, though I know some girls love men watches. I went to Chanel at NM this morning so they can remove some of the links.


ps. this will be the most expensive item I bought this year...sigh...looks like I will have to skip bday and xmas presents lol (but I know my sisters will say "yeahhhh rightt")
With my Bvlgari B.Zero ring that I bought in Singapore last year
With my beloved Macbook
Emma Watson with her black J12
And Rihanna's white 33mm

Friday, September 18, 2009

I heart Doctor visits...NOT ;-)

I had a doctor appointment this morning. For me visiting doctors are like having a regular facial, one way to put it don't you think? They examine you, they give you diagnosis (hopefully-if they know what's wrong with you) and they'll try to give you a solution. I had my moments of course, I mean going to a doctor (repeatedly) is by no mean going to the mall!

Hence I'm using this blog to distract myself. I like pretty things and writing about pretty things makes me happy.

Oh..since my appointment was at 9am, I didnt have to be at work till at least 10am. That means, I can take pics. Says who you cannot wear your favorite shoes to the doctor? That said, I'm scheduled for another doctor appointment on Monday morning, have a good weekend!


ODJ: Old Navy light grey V neck tee, Express jacket, AEO skinny jeans, Christian Louboutin (Open Clic in Nude).

Look familiar? That's Lady Gaga with the same shoes like mine. We are shoes buddies!!

Update: My J12 is on her way to me! the last time I checked, she was in Austin Fedex waiting to be sorted. I should be able to pick it up after work today and post pics later tonight or tomorrow morning...soooo happy!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bargain hunter

If you know me very well, I love sales! However I cannot be categorized as a bargain hunter since I have a low tolerance of patient. So if I like something, I tend to want it now, not tomorrow or the next time they are having a sale. I'm too lazy to go through racks and racks of clearance items..that's all, I have no excuses.
My point is, if you look hard enough, you bound to find something. You need the perseverance, patient and of course the correct sizes (size does matter if you're wondering hehe). Once in a while I suddenly have the strength to do just that and look what I found-brand new:

Miu Miu sunglasses (SMU13G)
I paid $55 for this, not more, not less.
The last time I saw this in Sydney, it was retailed for AUD395, I'm sure a lot less here in US. But with what I paid, I'm not complaining.

Bags Show Part 1

I really need to find the time to take pictures of all my babies. For now I have my Chanel babies all lined up pretty for me and also my red Gucci Hysteria. Aren't they sweet like candies?


You know you can play with the fishes here

Put your cursor where the fishes are, you click on it and you just dropped fish-foods for them. Watch how the fishes fighting over the foods (and your attention so to speak). And it's so lovely. If you're bored, you know you can come here and keep yourself entertained ;-)

Soothing Place

I took this picture few months ago when I was at Fraser Island in Queensland, Australia. I'm still fascinated by it and this picture definitely calm me when I'm blue. It was a lovely memory with a good friend of mine, we had a great time and I love her.
This was taken with my D90 inside the catamaran. I don't have a fancy equipment right now, but I thought this picture tells a million stories.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

J Crew's new arrivals

Many shops are showcasing their Fall/Winter items now. I live in Austin, granted I will be a fashion victim (and a dork) if I start buying winter stuffs where Austin's weather still going around mid 90s. But I was at J Crew on Friday and boy they have so many things that I like. These are some of them:

Top: Wool Regalia Sweater Jacket
Middle: Wool Herringbone Bucket Hat in Butterscotch
Bottom: Cashmere-lined Leather Gloves in Ripe Avocado

I'm quite surprise that the leather gloves aren't that expensive. I mean really, I bought a similar nappa leather gloves from Mimco before I moved here and I paid a lot more. I would have bought this green one if I don't already have one. Those leather gloves are so yummy like the Avocado blended that my mommy used to make - delish!

That said, I cannot wait till winter so I can wear my Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B shoes with the stirrup legging that I bought in Sydney back in May. I wish I can afford Rihanna's fierce shoulder pads jacket- the price of her Balmain jacket is uber crazy. I will never can afford it, not in this lifetime.

You shall be mine...

As soon as I hear back from my SA @ Troy, Michigan next week-
The last time I bought a pricey watch was 8 years ago when I graduated from uni. I think I'm now ready for an upgrade from my Baume & Mercier and this watch was my main lemming 8 years ago too, but I couldn't afford it then-not with my first job out of uni. 8 years on, (one of) my dream is about to come true. Will keep you posted once it's being decided - xoxo

ps. I'm a weirdo. For the amount of money I'm about to pay, I should really get the Automatic. Alas, I'm too lazy to maintain the watch with watch winder, and mom warned me that her Rolex need adjusting every morning now, so NO, I cannot do that! Talk about wanting to be fashionable but don't want the hassle, I'm hopeless.