Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sorry Post

Oh how I've been abandoning you. Well..I'm going to be straight to the point (and no I'm not pregnant LOL), but we've been looking for a bigger house since late last year. We were back and forth about locations, floor plans (doesn't help when I'm crazy fussy!), price, decide on need to have and want to have and how we go about selling the current house.

So since then...I found my dream floor plan--notice the "I" here, not we ;-)
We put our current house on the market and we sold it within 4 days! Right now we are waiting for closing date.
We didn't expect to have the house sold that quickly, so guess what? We have to move temporarily to a townhome in 4 weeks time until the new house is completed (ETA before Thanksgiving), which kinda sux but at least we got the selling part out of the way.

Anyway, I have forgotten about clothes/bags/shoes shopping-for now. I'm SO determined to decorate the house the way I want it so all my spending been geared towards future furnitures and decors.

I am going to miss our current house especially when my realtor told me that the buyer have already started ordering "just moved" announcement card with the front of my house as the background, which is the picture below-

Yes it was small for my liking and I totally despise the floor plan, but my boys been living in the house since they were 4 days old. They took their first step, first fall, first climb inside the house so it's hard to turn my back even though I'm not in love with the house. But typical me, I'm excited about my new house and ready to move on.

This is the current state of my "lot". The new house is going to be so much bigger! We will have a separate playroom, study room, extra bedroom and bathroom. And oh..my dream kitchen!

So unfortunately I won't have new shoes and bags to brag about but I hope you share my excitement and follow my journey to make this house totally mine! Next I'm going to post the details of the new house and what I bought so far. I bought new as well as old (vintage). You wouldn't believe the vintage items that I found and how I got somebody to transform them to one of a kind. Then of course, I got items from all over the place...Overstock.com, Restoration Hardware, Horchow..you name it. 

Hope to see you around!


Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Monday

Yawnnn...I couldn't sleep last night. Just one of those nights when all I did just toss and turn. It went on till 1AM and I was so congested real bad. I finally took my night time sleeping med Nyquil and woke up angry at 5AM. Sigh....

So please mind my tired face, it's going to be a very LONG day.


ODJ: Sweater from J.Crew, SFAM skinny jeans, Boots from Emerson Fry, Chanel J12 and Cartier Love bracelets.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lennon Boot by Emerson Fry

I've been keeping an eye on these ever since EF showcased their Fall Collection back in Sept last year. I would die for the gold version but I know the black will be a lot more wearable. And yea this style has been done many times by various designers too but everything about this Lennon boot are exactly what I'm after in ankle boots. And the 2 inches wooden heels just did it for me *hearts*.

I'm getting them (of course) now that they are on sale. I should be receiving them this Friday, woohoo!!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Twins 2nd Birthday Pics

Some of my boys' 2nd birthday pictures :-)


ODJ: Silk blouse from Miu Miu, Pearl necklace from Chanel and Cartier Love bracelets. The boys outfits are from Gap.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

All Jeweled up!

I have to tell you that I'm not a sneaker person. I brought my beloved and battered Nike all the way from Sydney when I moved here almost 6 years ago now. Then that one died when I was heavily pregnant with my twins so I had to buy another so I can survive the last few weeks of the pregnancy carrying almost 12 lbs babies.

My heart flutters when I saw these Miu Miu sneakers when I was in Vegas over Xmas. I didn't buy them of course and I ended up buying the blue purse instead. I kept telling myself I'm not a sneaker person so don't go crazy over something that it's not...cheap. A month later I still had those darlings dancing in my head. I went through my wardrobe to see if I can somewhat pull this off without actually wearing track pants and oversize tee.

Then over the weekend I got an email from NM offering gift card if purchasing online. There, I said it. I'm a sucker for gift card and I don't really care for double points event. Just do the math. If you spend $500 with double points, that is 1000 pts and you are still 9000 pts away from getting the $100. So why bother? Why not spend that same amount and get $100 instantly.

OK, the point was I bought the darn sneaker. I bought it without knowing what size I should get. Depending on the style, I can wear 39, 39.5 and 40 in Miu Miu. That's consistency for you lol. I selected 39 as it sounded like a good number at the time.

Fast forward to today, I'm happy to report that 39 was my perfect number. It fits perfectly and gosh I'm in love. I won't be using them for marathon anytime soon though ;-)


ODJ: Houndstooth silk blouse from Parker, SFAM skinny jeans, Cartier Love bracelets, Chanel J12 and Miu Miu jeweled cap toe sneaker.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Little Hearts goes along the way...

Initially I wanted to buy that J Crew heart breaker sweater that was on sale. My sister bought one in grey when she was in NYC and I want the purple. Of course I waited too long, by the time I decided that I need to have it, my size is no longer available for the purple.

Then the day before my sister left we went to the Domain and I found this at Madewell and bought it right away :D

All these little hearts are making me happy! and it reminded me of my little sister. Miss YOU!


ODJ: Sweater from Madewell, SFAM Skinny jeans, Materna heels from Louboutin, Love bracelets from Cartier and Chanel J12.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cowboy Zara

It was love on first sight when I saw these shoes at Zara.com. I waited and waited hoping these could go on sale (you know how Zara is!). Then few days before we went to Vegas I found these babies have been reduced to 69.99. I quickly order and I got these yesterday. Oh well guess what, I ordered the wrong size! It's like one size too big. I grabbed my computer as soon as I tried those on hoping I can score the smaller size..but wait..what??? it is now 59.99??? Oh typical. Oh and no, the size I want is not available.

So at lunch time today, I walked into the store with my sad face and told the SA I have to return them and yes, I LOVE them to pieces but my size has sold out online. He said "Well..you should check the website today, they may have it. They do that often".

I went back to the office and I was like..maybe I should check it again just in case. Then I'm all smiles. They really do have it. I add it to my cart and bought it. And $10 cheaper too hey? I guess it meant to be :D


Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I'm loving my Vince hooded cardigan. Definitely fit the purpose of wearing it today since Austin is not moving any further from 41 degrees.

I love how the hooded part is not separate from the actual cardigan like your typical hooded jacket. You can play with collar however you like it. Not to mention it keeps me very warm and comfy today. I wore it with my thick sweater and my favorite skinny jeans and shoes (it was on sale for $12 from Zara) but now I realized that my shoes are not really winter friendly haha. It has holes in it, and now all my toes feeling kinda numb..oh well :p

Best part I got it under $200 from Gilt.com. Gotta love that shopping site!


ODJ: Hooded cardigan from Vince, Black sweater from Gap, SFAM jeans and Gold shoes from Zara

Monday, December 31, 2012

Last days of 2012

I'm not staying up to welcome new year so I would like to wish you a happy new year now. It's been nice to know 2012, it's been interesting and it's been too fast at times. But overall we are doing good this year.

I've been enjoying having my little sister and her hubby here. I really don't want them to go (in 2 weeks) :-(
Oh well...it looks like we are visiting soon, not sure when yet but definitely soon!

Some pics so far from their visit and my little boys a month away from being 2 years old!!

My boys are wearing their Carter's Pjs lol

ODJ: Pink blazer from H&M, Cartier Love bracelets, SFAM jeans, no brand black tee and Prada handbag

ODJ: Denim top from Anthropologie, SFAM jeans, sandals from Fendi and Camellia WOC from Chanel

More Carter's Pjs ;-)

ODJ: Turtleneck from Emerson Fry, leather jacket from BCBG MaxAzria and J.Crew handbag. My boys wore their Zara Baby sweater, Peek Dungarees skinny jeans and Tsukihoshi sneakers.

ODJ: Vest from H&M, SFAM jeans and Flats from Zara. My boys wore Zutano sweaters, Bonds jeans and Tsukihoshi sneakers.

ODJ: Turtleneck from Emerson Fry, Peacoat from Old Navy, Pants from Zara and heels from Louboutin

ODJ: L/S black tee from Forever21, Poncho from Missoni, SFAM jeans and boots from Gianni Bini

Lastly...I know I shouldn't...but I couldn't resist. I bought this Miu Miu during Vegas trip (on sale), I feel bad about it but I LOVE it!! Sorry for the iPhone pic, I may take better pics later.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December already?!?

Yep! 2 weeks to go before Xmas. I am loving it! What's more work related stuffs should die down soon. That means I 'hope' I can write more-- I don't have a good track record so far do I?

Anyway here in Austin, TX, we had a really late fall. We didn't see those leaves falling till probably about few weeks ago which is unusual. It hasn't been that cold either. Maybe once or twice we got some cold front, but nothing more than that. This week is another (cold front). I was so happy to finally taking my winter blazers out. One of them is the one I'm wearing today :-) It's from Gap and I LOVE the pink with white piping accent.
Probably not warm enough for East coast, but it's good enough where I live. I wore a pretty thick black sweater underneath. I'm pretty bundled up and warm at this point.

Ohh back to Xmas, I have my sister and her hubby coming over from Sydney this weekend and guess what, we are all going to Vegas to celebrate Xmas!!! It's been 3 years since I went outside Texas haha if you know what I mean ;-)

Anyway I'm looking forward to that and I shall report back after the trip. What's your Xmas plan this year?
I hope you have a great time with your family and friends!!

ODJ: Blazer from Gap, Sweater from J.Crew, Poncho from Missoni, Black Skinny jeans from SFAM, Kiddos' vest and white shirt from Cherokee (Target), Pants from Zara, bowties from Bennie Bowtie, puppy shoes from Stride Rite, DH's sweater from Old Navy and shoes from Magli.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Busy Busy!

So what's the update? Well nothing much with me personally. But as a family we start to re-think about the boys' future and what to do to get there. First off, we were being re-zoned by our city and we got the district schools...that well...I do not want to say "bad", but it's not what we want. We are considering all options (keeping them in private schools or move where the great school districts are or even wait in case we are being re-zone again etc) and all that really driving me bonkers.

You probably think I'm crazy since they are barely 2 years old but trying to make that right decision is not an easy one. So much to think about. I personally hate moving. I have no words to describe it but I just really do not want to go there (if I can). Funnily enough when I used to live in Sydney during my years at school, I moved almost once a year. Every time I saw this new apartment being built, I waited till it's ready to be occupied then move there right after. I'm supposed to be the expert packer but I guess I just don't have energy for that anymore, not to mention I have a hell a lot of more stuffs now compare to my bare minimum furnished apartment.

Anyway, we have plenty of time to think and prioritizing but it's been on my head these days. What else, like I mentioned my boys are not even 2 yet, they are 20 months old currently. They are happy babies and they are doing well. They are still at Montessori, a different Montessori though. We just recently moved them to this other place that is much better and we are very happy so far. Sanford loves to say NO on everything and they both loves their Elmo books, their touchpads as well as their vacuum and lawnmower toys. Sanford is my little independent boy while Winston is more like a momma's boy.

Here are my babies ;-)



OK- shopping wise ;-) Unfortunately beside buying for the boys, I haven't done any more big spending for myself.
I did however file for a divorce...with my Android phone citing irreconcilable differences lol :p
I ordered iPhone 5 last Friday and it's currently on its way. So excited!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

High heels are pleasure with PAIN?

Well that's what Mr. Louboutin said. I have few pairs myself and it's funny how I always expect myself to be in pain when I bought his shoes. I just knew it's going to be stiff and hard to walk on. I'm going to get slight blisters and squished toes for the first few wears. Unlike others, I won't go beyond 110mm. Not even 120mm.
So anyway, I decided to get a new work shoes, in classic black patent and I chose Decollete. They are beautiful shoes for sure, and I just got them back from being resoled in red and the owner of the shop told me, the shoes are just so pretty..hehe of course I believed him! But yeah my toes are being molded to this narrow corner...uurgh it's definitely painful! Oh well....I kept telling myself it will get better. Hopefully by this weekend if I keep wearing them.

I have Nude Piou Piou coming later this afternoon too, so stay tuned :-)


ODJ: Blouse from Forever21, Welt pockets skinny jeans from SFAM, Heels from Louboutin and Chanel J12

I DO love my Louboutin even if I have to suffer ;-)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rain Rain Rain

We had 100+ degrees days for the past 2 weeks so I was pleasantly surprised to see some rain over the weekend and one huge thunderstorm last night. I got to the office 7am this morning and the windows are all misty, which I love. But forget about wearing casual today hehe, we are having big meetings today and tomorrow so I have to be on my heels and skirt not Chanel rainboots with skinny jeans ;-)

Anyhoo...I got my favorite top on with a simple black skirt and my Loub but now I started to regret it when the folks who are coming for the meeting turning up in jeans booo!

ODJ: Top from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Skirt from Cue (Australia), Shoes from Louboutin, Chanel J12, Cartier Love bracelets.

Monday, July 9, 2012

July already?

Wow I've been non-existent this past month! Heck I didn't even know where I've been. Nothing much in terms of shopping, guess I've been busy with the kiddos and work.
Anyway I just wanted to stop by and say Hi cause I know it has been a while. June we had birthday parties to attend then we went to Houston during 4th of July and we had fun. Much better family trip than during Xmas last year.

ODJ: I'm wearing top from Madewell, Cartier bracelets, Chanel J12 and the boys' outfits are from Baby Gap, Country Road and Keen little shoes.