Sunday, September 13, 2009

You shall be mine...

As soon as I hear back from my SA @ Troy, Michigan next week-
The last time I bought a pricey watch was 8 years ago when I graduated from uni. I think I'm now ready for an upgrade from my Baume & Mercier and this watch was my main lemming 8 years ago too, but I couldn't afford it then-not with my first job out of uni. 8 years on, (one of) my dream is about to come true. Will keep you posted once it's being decided - xoxo

ps. I'm a weirdo. For the amount of money I'm about to pay, I should really get the Automatic. Alas, I'm too lazy to maintain the watch with watch winder, and mom warned me that her Rolex need adjusting every morning now, so NO, I cannot do that! Talk about wanting to be fashionable but don't want the hassle, I'm hopeless.

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