Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's The Odd

that I failed my one hour GD test? Well..I flunked it (over for about 20+ pts). All these times every time I have a medical check up, my blood sugar is low. My problem has always been cholesterol, sugar? nope, never.
In fact when I had my ER scare at 13 weeks and they checked my sugar, it was low as well.

So I'm on the 3 hours GTT next week, more glucose to drink and 4 blood tests within the 3 hours after I drink it. The nurse said to me, "bring your laptop or books, you are going to be here for at least 3.5 hours"...great (but maybe it's a good thing that I can finally read Breaking Dawn). And next Friday is suppose to be my day off, but I will spend it in my doctor's office.

Oh well, I don't want my babies to be too big so I guess it's better to be safe than sorry. So far their sizes are great, not too small or not too big. I'm surprised when my nurse told me about the news, because I barely gained any weight, only 7lbs (3kg) so far at 24 weeks. I thought you gain weight rapidly if you have gestational diabetes?

Anyway, I hope I pass the test next week. My poor babies didn't sleep last night after I had the one hour test, too much sugar I guess.

Low carbs and low sugars from now on then!

Till next week~


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