Saturday, October 23, 2010

Not Really There Yet

Today I'm posing in our not so ready nursery room. Still plenty to do but the main items we need are there, just need to set them up properly. One thing, I woke up this morning feeling huge haha and I wonder if the 3 hrs GTT that I had yesterday may caused it ;-) The result won't be in till Monday or Tuesday oh well..just hope for the best. The experience yesterday wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, maybe because I know what to expect.

So back to huge, I'm only 25w2d, I think I'm making up for the lost time! All these times people kept telling me my belly is too small for twins, but now you are asking for it, ha!

Anyway, DH and I went to have Indian for lunch, then grocery shopping at Costco and then we went to the mall for window shopping then we head to the cinema to watch Hereafter (Matt Damon). I love it, though the story is kinda sad-especially about the twin boys.

OK- enough of me yapping, these are the pics of me today :D


ODJ: Long & lean tank from Mossimo, Cardigan and the bear necklace from Forever21, Key necklace from Tiffany & Co, Legging from Motherhood, Shoes from J.Crew and Chanel Jumbo in Black Caviar with GHW.


  1. How did your test go? Hope the results came back and everything is well!

    Love the furniture in your nursery! And you look lovely!

  2. Hi Mona, thanks!!! And oh I passed my test, so no more flat Sunkist to drink hehe.