Friday, November 12, 2010

Random Updates

I finally put a deposit for the twins' newborn photoshoot. After searching for quite a while, I finally decided to go with Forever Bliss Photography. I so cannot wait! You can check out her website here.

Ooh I need to post my pic soon too. I'm 28w1d today, 10 more weeks to go yay! I wanted to post pics last week, but ugh.. I've been having this stubborn cold after the flu shot. Normally I would ask for antibiotics and cold will go away in 2 days. But since being prego means you cannot take meds as you please, then it has lasted this long-almost 10 days to be exact.

Then the aftermath of failing the glucose test the first time made me change the way I eat. I lost weight together with being sick. Now my OB is concerned because I'm still at 7lbs (3kg) same as 4 weeks ago.
No good he said, because I have 2 babies inside my tummy. He ordered me to eat any junk foods that I can think of. I thought it's funny.
All my life I wanted to be skinny and be a size 2US (I think size 0 for me is a little far fetch) but I never could. I always linger around size 6US which is fine by me either but I'm the type of person that gain weight easily. But how weird that now I'm being told to go burger crazy. Such a life hehe.
Anyway I'm trying. I've been indulging on cakes from La Madeleine, ice cream from Sonic, big chunk of steaks and I'm thinking what to have tomorrow ;-)

What else- work wise, still busy. Things are looking up and hoping to work few days a week from home once I'm done with the maternity leave.

No big plan this Thanksgiving or for my birthday. DH and I will have a short getaway that long weekend (will post pics for sure) and probably just dinner for my birthday.

How about you? What are you going to do this holiday?



  1. Ugh gestational diabetes! I had it when I was preggers too. had to really watch my diet and wasn't allowed noodles! I absolutely love noodles. Just like u I didn't gain any weight during my last trimester. My obgyn n diabetes specialist were surprised someone my size had GD but apparently it's just cause we are Asians!

    Btw u look absolutely stunning when preggers!

  2. Hey Sass, thanks!!
    Yeah GT is sucks, we asian definitely go crazy over rice and noodles (carbs!) oh well..we've been brought up that way, it'll be over soon in 9 weeks so it's all good!