Thursday, October 7, 2010

15 Weeks Left :D

I'm exactly 23 weeks today--getting much much bigger and I don't know how I got to be this size in my sleep haha.
But that said, I have only 15 weeks to go--yes, I'm not following the general rule of 40 weeks due to twins.
I don't have much complaints beside it starting to get uncomfortable to bend over, getting out of bed or walking around the mall for too long (crazy right??).

My mommy and my middle sister will be here in mid January. I'm so looking forward to it just sadly I cannot take them around for shopping with 2 newborns in tow, I have to ask DH to drive them around.

GD test next week and hopefully I will pass it. I love sweets and I probably only can give it up the day before the test (talk about cheating!).

Oh..DH and I planning a little vacation during the Thanksgiving holiday and my birthday-supposedly my last vacation for the year with just the two of us. Next time, it will be 4!

I've been buying quite a bit for myself, mainly tops and cardigans. The rest I'm still trying to squeeze in my pre-pregnancy outfits like today's ODJ where I wear no maternity stuffs whatsoever.
No shoes unfortunately because I don't know if my shoe size will stay the same after this or not--I'm dying for some though!. So far I don't have cankles problem so fingers crossed! because I would hate to not be able to wear all my shoes ever again.

Anyway till next update!


ODJ: Grey Top from Country Road, Black Cardigan from Ralph Lauren, Skirt from BCBGMaxAzria, Shoes from J.Crew, Balenciaga Day bag in Rouille and Chanel J12 38mm.