Monday, November 2, 2009

Victoria Beckham's Louboutin and Hair

I just love her Louboutin, it's called "Maggie". I saw those pair in NM a month ago, but at 130mm (5.25 inches = 13.33cm), I will never be able walk with them. They are still available if you look hard enough (actually Saks has them in Lilac CLICK HERE) and if you are after the exact same color, Barneys have them CLICK HERE and plenty of sizes are available. I personally will give them a miss (unless they reduce the price like at least 50% haha). I may need to go to chiro if I buy those shoes!
Ohh and I absolutely love her new hair!! I'm going to have a haircut this Thursday and I don't know what style to have. I'm such a chicken. At any rate, you will just see me with old plain bob heheh.

ps. Oooh her poor Hermes sitting on the ground. I just wanted to cry.



  1. I actually REALLY NEED to cut my hair soon! It falls almost to my lower back now, which is too long! the last time it was this long I think was back in 2000, with my dyed almost-yellow looking hair at Billy Blue graduation, remember? Nose pierced and all? hehe. I Miss that particular moment.

    I thought of Victoria's hair, since I did cut it her style, similar to her recent one she had once back in the late 90s, I am sure you remember hehe. Well maybe I should cut it very short now, but will I dare to do it again now almost 10 years after?

  2. Of course! Why wouldn't you? Hair grows back, at least if you hate it short, you can just grow it out. I finally cut my hair last night, not like hers- just Lady Gaga's bob style hahah. My head is much lighter afterwards, imagine if you cut yours, you will feel the difference.

  3. hello. found you on tPF. i did a post about her hair not too long ago. i've been shopping for a new do. i love the mustard colour on her CLs.