Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hats This Winter

I had a haircut on Thursday and suddenly had the urge to buy pretty hats in time for winter.  However I do not want to pay too much since you probably only wear them few months each year (and not everyday too). Girl gotta be a cheapskate on something so she can splurge on bags right *winks*

Anyway I found these awesome hats and it won't break your budget, I promise!

The pinstripe is $44 then the one with buttons is $32 and $40 for the black hat with flower.
The last one is actually a headband but I love it so much at $13 you cannot go wrong! I tempted to get one in either the grey or beige.

Oooh I posted a link below so you know where to buy these....

Ok, I'm off to the spa!

ps. LOL now I wish I have a long hair!


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