Sunday, November 22, 2009

Are We There Yet?!??

Ha! I'm already in holiday mode. Why oh why I have to go to work tomorrow? But that said, my Bleu Roi is coming tomorrow, just in time for the holidays *winks*
I really hope I'm loving one of the two rather than both~ otherwise I am in trouble. Fingers crossed!

Ok, so once again this year DH and I are not going to have our own Thanksgiving dinner. We are going to our friend's place, who lives 5 minutes from our house just like last year. Oh well...I rather be merry than being alone with just the two of us. It will be fun! And oooh...I managed to loose 2.2 lbs this past week haha, so Turkey, bring it on!!

I have no plan to go to the Black Friday shopping either. I was planning to buy mom a new mini laptop, but after having lots of doubts about how to send it over to another country, I gave up. I will get her one when she's coming here to visit.

Mmm what else, there's nothing else to report until tomorrow that is when my FedEx boy is going to deliver my bag.  Today DH and I had pizza for lunch and we went to the Wolf Ranch Mall at Georgetown for a stroll. Bought DH 2 sweaters with the colors of my choice ;-) and he was happy to obliged. I bought some Vera Wang tights from Kohls too. Last week my strong shoulder black tunic arrived from Lulu's and I got this pretty ribbon with diamontes headband from Forever21. Yeah, I'm such a cheapo on some stuffs! But it works for me so I'm not complaining.

So, are we there yet (the holidays I mean)??


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