Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thank You and Birthday Month

Word of mouth is powerful. I have my own SA and she's not in TX however I'm more than happy to give her all the commissions that she deserves. In fact I gave her details around to our little Chanel inner circle (that's what my DH thinks anyway heheh) @ TPF so she can get more clients and more money in return. I got a thank you call from her today, thank you for recommending her to others. She is so so sweet! You are very welcome "D"! And I'm looking forward to get all the gift cards that I have accumulated for this year, come to think of it, I probably can get LV or Chanel wallet for free..that's crazy! On a second thought, maybe I will get some new outfits for Spring instead. I've been too busy buying other stuffs that I have forgotten about getting a new outfits.

That aside, don't you just love getting a small something during your birthday month? I got a little card on the mail yesterday from Anthropologie. I'm not VIP or anything-so don't worry hehe, but I do shop there quite a bit (especially during their sale). I have to say, I love them for being creative like that. I took pics of the card that they've sent me yesterday since I think it's adorable. Don't you agree? Ps. It's a candle little necklace if you notice...

DH and I have already planned where we should have dinner for my birthday this year. I kinda now what I want to wear too but I'm just bummed that my birthday this year will fall on Monday. Most likely we will have the dinner on Saturday or Sunday.

I'm going to have a haircut tommorow, and 180 minutes spa this Saturday. This is going to be the first spa that I booked using the gift card DH gave me for our anniversary (LOL I waited for 2 months!). I'm looking forward to it! I hope my Zimmerman bathers still fit me haha.


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