Monday, November 16, 2009

*UPDATES* I'm Confused

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For the first time I'm having a second thought on my Jumbo.
I got this Marine Blue Jumbo in Caviar and Silver Hardware however after seeing all the Bleu Roi pictures, I'm not sure if I want to keep this Marine Blue (which also sold out) and just swap it with the Bleu Roi.

I looked at my wardrobe the other day and I do believe the Marine will go with so many outfits. It's as versatile as my Black one. The Bleu Roi however will pops any dark outfits and I have lots of blacks, the reason I'm thinking to swap. The problem is the Bleu Roi is nowhere available at this point, so I cannot compare which I hate. Looking at pictures are different than comparing both in real life.

Here they are- Mind you, my Marine in real life looks darker than the photo. Oooh decision, decision! It's so hard!! The photo was taken without Flash, so it's under natural light and again in real life, it DOES look darker than the picture.

Bleu Roi>>>>

The minute I posted this, I got a tip that NM at Newport Beach, CA has the Bleu Roi. It's on the way to me now YAY!!! This means I get to compare between the two, keep one and return the other. Can't believe my luck. I guess persistent helps huh. Why I cannot be this eager when it comes to other things HAHA. I'm happy now.


  1. Hi your bleu roi is fab, is the colour of the bag close to the one u posted on Nov 16

  2. YES! They are fabulous like that under lights, even brighter when you are outdoor. Indoor at night, she's a little darker.

  3. would she be like nov 16 when under natural daylight . I just saw your modelling pics but the pic and it looks fantastic on u . I heard from my SA is a saturated vibrant blue, not dull at all. Do u think so , need to hear it from someone who has seen it real !thanks

  4. Your SA is right. The blue is very saturated, definitely not dull. People at work loves her today, she's so bright just like that pic from my nov 16 post or the recent one, that was taken with flash. You will love it when you see one. I didnt hesitate to return the Marine to Saks today while carrying the bleu roi and SA also said to me, "I dont blame you, the one you have is stunning!"

  5. wowee then !! I get my SA to ship it right away when he gets it . Thanks for being so sweet to reply me , never seen the purse in real so have to rely on tpf-er like yourself for some good dose of advice !!

    Have a great day , u rock the blues !! =)

  6. Yay! Not a problem. Post pics when you get it. Happy Thanksgiving :-)