Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Monday

Yawnnn...I couldn't sleep last night. Just one of those nights when all I did just toss and turn. It went on till 1AM and I was so congested real bad. I finally took my night time sleeping med Nyquil and woke up angry at 5AM. Sigh....

So please mind my tired face, it's going to be a very LONG day.


ODJ: Sweater from J.Crew, SFAM skinny jeans, Boots from Emerson Fry, Chanel J12 and Cartier Love bracelets.


  1. are the emerson fry boots comfortable? they are onsale now and i am debating on whether or not to pull the plug and get them. thanks,Christine

  2. Yes I saw the email this morning! They are very comfortable! They are still my favorite ankle boots :-) You should get them, they are TTS.