Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Busy Busy!

So what's the update? Well nothing much with me personally. But as a family we start to re-think about the boys' future and what to do to get there. First off, we were being re-zoned by our city and we got the district schools...that well...I do not want to say "bad", but it's not what we want. We are considering all options (keeping them in private schools or move where the great school districts are or even wait in case we are being re-zone again etc) and all that really driving me bonkers.

You probably think I'm crazy since they are barely 2 years old but trying to make that right decision is not an easy one. So much to think about. I personally hate moving. I have no words to describe it but I just really do not want to go there (if I can). Funnily enough when I used to live in Sydney during my years at school, I moved almost once a year. Every time I saw this new apartment being built, I waited till it's ready to be occupied then move there right after. I'm supposed to be the expert packer but I guess I just don't have energy for that anymore, not to mention I have a hell a lot of more stuffs now compare to my bare minimum furnished apartment.

Anyway, we have plenty of time to think and prioritizing but it's been on my head these days. What else, like I mentioned my boys are not even 2 yet, they are 20 months old currently. They are happy babies and they are doing well. They are still at Montessori, a different Montessori though. We just recently moved them to this other place that is much better and we are very happy so far. Sanford loves to say NO on everything and they both loves their Elmo books, their touchpads as well as their vacuum and lawnmower toys. Sanford is my little independent boy while Winston is more like a momma's boy.

Here are my babies ;-)



OK- shopping wise ;-) Unfortunately beside buying for the boys, I haven't done any more big spending for myself.
I did however file for a divorce...with my Android phone citing irreconcilable differences lol :p
I ordered iPhone 5 last Friday and it's currently on its way. So excited!!



  1. You almost got me heart attacked on the divorce part. Great to see your boys happy and all. :)

  2. Hehehe...sorry I gave you a heart attack :-)
    We've been real busy, can't wait till I'm off in 2 weeks so I can write some more. It's been long overdue!

  3. I'm rather late in commenting, it's never too early to plan for your boys' education. I signed up my son, currently 3, at a school which we wanted him to continue his elementary education when he was 6 months old. Yes, he got in.