Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cowboy Zara

It was love on first sight when I saw these shoes at I waited and waited hoping these could go on sale (you know how Zara is!). Then few days before we went to Vegas I found these babies have been reduced to 69.99. I quickly order and I got these yesterday. Oh well guess what, I ordered the wrong size! It's like one size too big. I grabbed my computer as soon as I tried those on hoping I can score the smaller size..but wait..what??? it is now 59.99??? Oh typical. Oh and no, the size I want is not available.

So at lunch time today, I walked into the store with my sad face and told the SA I have to return them and yes, I LOVE them to pieces but my size has sold out online. He said " should check the website today, they may have it. They do that often".

I went back to the office and I was like..maybe I should check it again just in case. Then I'm all smiles. They really do have it. I add it to my cart and bought it. And $10 cheaper too hey? I guess it meant to be :D


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