Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sorry Post

Oh how I've been abandoning you. Well..I'm going to be straight to the point (and no I'm not pregnant LOL), but we've been looking for a bigger house since late last year. We were back and forth about locations, floor plans (doesn't help when I'm crazy fussy!), price, decide on need to have and want to have and how we go about selling the current house.

So since then...I found my dream floor plan--notice the "I" here, not we ;-)
We put our current house on the market and we sold it within 4 days! Right now we are waiting for closing date.
We didn't expect to have the house sold that quickly, so guess what? We have to move temporarily to a townhome in 4 weeks time until the new house is completed (ETA before Thanksgiving), which kinda sux but at least we got the selling part out of the way.

Anyway, I have forgotten about clothes/bags/shoes shopping-for now. I'm SO determined to decorate the house the way I want it so all my spending been geared towards future furnitures and decors.

I am going to miss our current house especially when my realtor told me that the buyer have already started ordering "just moved" announcement card with the front of my house as the background, which is the picture below-

Yes it was small for my liking and I totally despise the floor plan, but my boys been living in the house since they were 4 days old. They took their first step, first fall, first climb inside the house so it's hard to turn my back even though I'm not in love with the house. But typical me, I'm excited about my new house and ready to move on.

This is the current state of my "lot". The new house is going to be so much bigger! We will have a separate playroom, study room, extra bedroom and bathroom. And oh..my dream kitchen!

So unfortunately I won't have new shoes and bags to brag about but I hope you share my excitement and follow my journey to make this house totally mine! Next I'm going to post the details of the new house and what I bought so far. I bought new as well as old (vintage). You wouldn't believe the vintage items that I found and how I got somebody to transform them to one of a kind. Then of course, I got items from all over the place...Overstock.com, Restoration Hardware, Horchow..you name it. 

Hope to see you around!


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