Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I'm loving my Vince hooded cardigan. Definitely fit the purpose of wearing it today since Austin is not moving any further from 41 degrees.

I love how the hooded part is not separate from the actual cardigan like your typical hooded jacket. You can play with collar however you like it. Not to mention it keeps me very warm and comfy today. I wore it with my thick sweater and my favorite skinny jeans and shoes (it was on sale for $12 from Zara) but now I realized that my shoes are not really winter friendly haha. It has holes in it, and now all my toes feeling kinda numb..oh well :p

Best part I got it under $200 from Gotta love that shopping site!


ODJ: Hooded cardigan from Vince, Black sweater from Gap, SFAM jeans and Gold shoes from Zara

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