Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fendi Jelly Flat Sandals

I took advantage of the gift card event at Neiman Marcus recently and one of the item that I bought is this Fendi Jelly Flat Sandals. When I bought shoes/sandals I tend to choose more neutral colors so when I saw this sandals in NM catalog (in bright yellow/red/blue combo), I wasn't sure if I can pull them off. I went online and found they have this white/red/black combo instead so I decided to get it.

They are very comfy and cute at the same time, love it so far!

ODJ: Top from Anthropologie, Skinny jeans from AEO, Chanel J12, Fendi Jelly flat sandals.


  1. they're adorable, and glad to hear that they are comfy! they really look great with your outfit. :)