Friday, February 12, 2010

What's Up With Me

I haven't updated this blog for almost a week. Blame it on the back to back appointments I had and mostly because my eyes were glued in front of TV once I got home haha. Monday is The Bachelor (I know..I know..they are so cheesy but I love the dramas anyway), Tuesday is American Idol, forgot what's on Wednesday o_O and Thursday I normally watch Fringe, The Deep End and now Past Life.

I was surprised to see Nicholas Bishop on Past Life. I remember him from the Home and Away days as Peter Baker. I guess he's in the US now. I liked the shows (watched 2 episodes already) but I think his acting could be better (and lose the accents too haha!). Anyway, a little off topic- I will never ever want to have a regression over my past life-they are scary!

Another off topic, I want to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day!
DH and I have no set plan, but I'm dying to see Valentine's Day movie that opens today. The preview looks so good and it's a celebs galore (read: It's just my excuse to see Bradley Cooper).


ODJ: Light blue turtleneck from Gap, Floral Skirt from Anthropologie, Peacoat from Old Navy, Tights from Ambra, Black Jumbo Flap with GHW and Heels from Chanel.


  1. I like your Anthropologie skirt! The jumbo flap looks good, I have the same one but with shw.

  2. Thank you Pretty In Pink and Mona P for the sweet compliments :D

    Mona, black jumbo is just best with whatever color hardwares!