Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quick Fix

I love boyfriend jeans on some people especially celebs who always seems able to pull it off. I never buy one because nothing seems to fit properly. So this morning before I went out for my appointment, I wore my loyal SFAM bootcut jeans, roll them up and and voila they look like the boyfriend jeans that I wanted. Problem solved.


ODJ: V neck tee from Old Navy, Bootcut jeans (New York wash) from SFAM, Cardigan from Forever21, Necklace from Tiffany and Diva (Australia), 09A Chanel Ring, Chanel J12 38mm, Booties from Urban Outfitters and Balenciaga City bag with Giant Silver Hardware.

You cannot see the ring from the picture above, so here she is posing with my ninja hehe..


  1. Your little ninja is adorable! :)

  2. Hi!

    Found your blog on TPF- I have one myself you'll have to check out.

    My DH and I are going to Vegas in May and we were thinking of staying at the Bellagio, but I just saw your link to Vdara and it looks nice too :) Did you like staying there?


  3. Hi Megan, I just followed your awesome blog!

    With Vdara, when I was there they were just opened for 3 weeks, so I have to say room for improvements are there. The hotel room itself was so nice and they have small kitchen and small dining area, but like no plates unless you ask? which I found really weird.

    They also have coffee/tea maker but no teas/coffees/sugars on sight, again unless you ask.

    But the customer service was great, bed was super comfy, large bathroom and they are non-gambling and non-smoking hotel which I love! The whole building smell like flowers and it's within walking distance to Bellagio and the new Crystals Retails (the biggest LV and Prada stores are there) :-)