Friday, February 26, 2010

Last Friday of Feb

This week hasn't been that great, but alas February is over and looking forward to March as we speak (read: write).
Sunday may go out to Cru at the Domain, looking forward for sunshine (not too hot please) and laughter as I needed them.


ODJ: Silk top from Ann Taylor, Skirt from Sportgirls (Australia), Burgundy Simple from Louboutin, Chanel J12 38mm and Chanel 09A Red M/L Flap.


  1. Love your burgundy CL's and the red flap combo! Is burgundy more of a seasonal color or is it still available?

  2. Thanks Mona! I think Burgundy Simple is seasonal (bought it last year) because I never saw it again in stores. You will be surprise to know that many people dont want this color at all but I do love them :-)

  3. Are you serious? Burgundy is so gorgeous, I don't understand how someone wouldn't like it.

    I am thinking of buying my first CL's for summer, not sure which ones to get. I am looking for something black (i know it is not summer color, but i love it + it goes with everything) with low heel. Any suggestions?


  4. Mona, I'm in love with the new 90mm Pigalle in either black or nude patent. I think these shoes will absolutely gorgeous with anything!
    Check out the link from Saks

  5. Thanks for the link, they are gorgeous! But, I am looking for more rounder shape + open toe (more summery feel).

    The only pair that I recently saw that fits my "ideal" pair of low heel + black color + rounder shape in front + open toe was CL's Mater Claude. I saw a pair in red patent (also comes in black patent) at Nordstrom. The problem is it only comes in patent black. Patent black looks dressier, where the non-patent black can be dressed down as well. Basically I need something that I can wear during the day as well as for more formal events.

    Sorry, my post ended up being too long .. :)

    Thanks for your help!