Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello o_O

Looking forward to the weekend yay- and it's a Super Bowl weekend but I don't care for that (except maybe for the 50 pieces chicken nuggets from Maccas for $10 ha!).
I arrived at work on time this morning (surprise surprise) but that's maybe because I'm going home early later this afternoon. Anyway, I'm posting pics of today's ODJ~ Happy weekend!


ps. My hair looks so long already! I think I'm going to grow them out. And oohh..this YSL booties definitely makes me look soooo talll!

ODJ: Top from Cue (Australian Brand), Skinny jeans from AEO, Booties from YSL, Bangle from Forever21, Chanel J12 38mm and Balenciaga City bag with Giant Silver Hardware.


  1. Hi :)

    Love the booties and the bag! Looks great on you!

  2. Hi too! Thanks for the compliments~