Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Picked Up My Bag!

Finally able to picked it up on Wednesday after work. I was over the moon. DH put me on a ban though heheh. I guess no big purchase till next year ;-)
Enjoy the pics!

ps. urrrgh, today is not a pleasant day. Got some calls from my doctor who's feeling sorry for me and couldn't understand what is wrong with me. I guess back to square one. I just want this to be over!


  1. I love my GST, and I've appreciated it more as time goes by. Enjoy your new Chanel!!

  2. Love her too! Too bad it's raining real bad here since last night. I can't carry her to work today.

  3. ...your new baby is beautiful! Love the colour! Enjoy it and take care :)

  4. Thanks sweetie! Now it's time to dream about my blue!