Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Little Baby Went to NM Hospital

I've been carrying my GST to work all last week. So okay, I suddenly noticed last night that there was a loose stitching! I was so upset at first. I mean, my baby is only a week old.
Anyway, I called my SA at NM this morning and told him I'm going to bring my bag over after work so he can tell me what he can do. I heard horror stories about bag that being shipped out for repair and took months and come back looking horrible. I was so ready to tell my SA that there is no way I'm going to let my bag stuck in the repair place for months.

Cut the story short, my lovely SA took my bag to the second floor where the alteration department located. I waited for 10 minutes and voila my bag is fixed! I'm so happy!!

Ps. The blue caviar for Cruise 2010 is coming in 2 weeks-get ready for it ;-)


*Updates (10/28/09)*
Err...it has been only a week, now my other corner has a loose stitching! Ooh..I'm getting mad. How many times do I have to bring this bag over to get fixed???! I have to call my SA tomorrow. May bring the bag over on Saturday since I have Lasik tomorrow.

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