Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My New Chanel Shoes!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm swamped at work and probably continue that way till Xmas...sigh.
But what's better than getting a new pair of shoes. I initially bought 3 shoes, 2 Chanel and 1 Louboutin (they are on sale heheh), but since they don't have my size they ordered them from another stores.

A week later, which was last night, I went to NM and tried them on. Alas, the Louboutin just too tall for me (5 inches), so a no for that. Then the Chanel satin booties, unfortunately they weren't that comfortable and for satin with a leather shoes price..mmm..I don't think so. So that's a no too. Finally this last pair, Chanel classic spark chains logo shoes pump...they just fit beautifully! I love love them so much and what's best, not only they are only like 3.5 inches (walkable that is!), they are also 30% off the retail price and I got double points on my NM card. Yay!!  I'm wearing them to work this morning ;-)



  1. wow those shoes are beautiful . Thanks for your advice regarding the chanel bleu roi jumbo . I m glad i took your advice an got the purse, it's indeed vibrant and quite a colour in real life !berniechocolate /tpf

  2. YES! I saw your pics of your reveal, you have both red and blue! Lucky girl~they look so good together.