Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!!

It's early but I thought I say Happy New Year to everyone! What's the plan? I personally won't do anything special. Plus I'm still working even on New Year's Eve tomorrow, so this just feels like a long weekend to me, not holidays. Looking forward to Twenty Ten, that means more holiday(s) to plan since I will get my PTO back haha and more shopping (I shouldn't but oh well..).

Anyway I thought I post pic of the new cardigan that I bought last week. They are so cute with black dress and belts or with legging/skinny jeans. I will post modeling pics soon! Oh I got it from Forever21. I think these days it's either Anthropologie or Forever21 for me. I like trendy pieces, but unless I really really love it, I won't spend too much for it. Even with Anthro I normally wait till their sale ;-)

That said, Chanel will definitely increase their price (again!)- Jumbo caviar is now Maxi's old price. I kinda anticipated this back in November but it didn't happen, I guess, this time it's true. These applies to their watches and jewelries too. Should I say that I'm making the right investment(s)? haha. I'm such an enabler and bad influence for my sisters. They starting to follow suit and kept telling mom how Chanel is an investment. What have I done?!?

About 2010 resolution- this is one of my wishlist! I need this in my life. I want the large size but don't mind the medium, definitely no for small. It's Cartier watch from the Ballon Bleu collection. Look at her-It's LOVE. I may want the all stainless steel one, but it depends on how it looks in real life I guess.


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