Friday, December 11, 2009

How Is This Possible?

Ok, now that I'm losing S, my SA from NM, I gotta get connected with a new one. And I think I found one  from Saks at Georgia :-)

That said, how funny is this main fact: I think my SA is more savvy than me and I'm a dork haha. Why? Because he sent all these beautiful bags and shoes pictures with his little iPhone (I know this because of COURSE it said at the bottom of the page "sent through iPhone"). And this is disturbing.
How come with the amount of money that I spent for fashion, I don't have a "smart" phone? How yr 2000 is Nadia? I really need a smartie pants phone, seriously- I am going to include this as my 2010 resolution. Forget about "losing weight" resolution- I need to be phone savvy!

Next, I have to tell you that my-already-basic cantonese is getting worse! For the life of me I couldn't understand how the heck I forgot how to say Roast Duck when I try to ordered it at this Chinese restaurant after work. I need go there more often-that's the solution hahahahaha. All of the staffs luckily speaks cantonese and we had a little chit chat with my rusty-not-exactly-the-right-way-to-say-it chinese. Anyway, I need to watch more HK series for sure, stop the Korean.

Anyway, thought we should have a giggle over this. No purchase(s) to report.


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