Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hmm...I dont even want to open it!

But I guess I should hey...I'm not even sure the size is correct hahaha. I ordered this from Saks Dadeland mall FL on Tuesday and I received it like 30 minutes ago.
I have this crazy idea that I should buy one more because I was thinking both of them will be my presents for my future daughter in laws one day. Am I crazy? The boys are only 13 months old! DH thinks it's not necessary but he didn't object either. But he did say, how cumbersome that screwdriver would be hahaha.

Update: OK, it fits. I of course unable to screw this myself but I put the 2 pieces together to see if they will cover my whole wrist and it did with small room to move (I was told that this shouldn't be too loose on your wrist or you scratch it even more).


So I thought I post some pictures of me with the bracelet on. The first picture you can see I can roll the bracelet all the way down at the bottom of my wrist. The second picture I can roll it down to about 2 inches from where the bone is. I also can turn the bracelet 360 degrees but it does take effort which is good, that means I don't have to keep adjusting it. It was quite weird to have the bracelet on while sleeping but I think I'll get used to it.


  1. Love your blog! What size did you get?

  2. Hi! Thank you, glad that you like it! I got size 18, my wrist is not exactly dainty :-)

  3. loving your love bracelet :) and congrats on your wedding anniversary :)) hope you have been well :)