Monday, March 12, 2012


I know I promised to post some pictures for the 2 Love bracelets however without going to too much details, I had to return the 2nd love bracelet the same day I got it. All I can say, it didn't look as pristine that I would like to be due to the way they packaged the bracelet. In the box I found the 2 separate pieces and screwdriver without being protected whatsoever so you can imagine the condition of that poor Love hitting each other during the overnight trip.

After multiple calls they finally sending me a new one today and I should get it by tomorrow. Fingers cross that this time it will be perfect. Good thing I will put myself on a ban after this. I'm so traumatized by this experience and I almost fainted when I opened the red box.

Anyway though I can definitely recommend 2 SAs from Cartier Dallas that have been helpful through this whole thing, I can also recommend who you should avoid. I won't write off Cartier Dallas completely, but knowing who you should see or contact definitely a bonus.

Till tomorrow.


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