Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni For Target Chaos

Ok, Target.com, you knew this is coming. But heck, your site were crashed for hours (since 7AM and seriously till now). I'm glad I got all the Missoni items that I wanted (except the pillows-darn it!) by visiting the store in a hurry on the way to work, fighting the crowds with mommies who practically just got out of bed and the babies were still asleep in their stroller. Not cool. I wanted to buy online, not going shopping at the break of the dawn and felt like Black Friday.

I will post some pictures tonight. As of now, they are sitting in my car looking pretty.
My haul:
2x Silk Scarves (zig zag and floral type)
1x Infinity Knit Scarf (zig zag brown)
2x Thin Scarves from girls section (zig zag brown and purple)
1x Stroller blanket

The thin scarves from girls section are super adorable. I thought it's going to be too short since it is designed for young girls, but they are perfect length for adult, especially when the weather is not too cold. If it's freezing you can wear the infinity scarf instead. Ladies stopped me at the register when they saw them and they were practically running trying to get them before anybody else notice.

Tried the shoes...they were so hard, I'm sure I will get blisters so I skipped.

Ugh I really need the pillows :-(


Update @ 1.02pm: I was finally able to get connected to target.com after refreshing like a thousand times! Ordered my pillows--happy now!

Update @ 3.54pm: Looks like I love adding more stuffs. I just submitted an order for the crib sets for my twins. Gosh this line costed me so much.

Update @ 7.14pm: Group shot of my new buy. Will take pics of the pillows and crib sets when I received them.

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