Friday, September 30, 2011

Going On 8.5 Months

I don't know what I did to deserve such lovelies. They brought smiles to my face, they crawls to me, climb to my laps and giving me the biggest smiles they have. They cheers everytime I get home, wanted to be held and picked up. I could go on. And they are getting so big so fast, 3.5 months from their 1st Birthday (in which I have started organizing!). They love to play with their little alphabet train, Winston loves his Piglet and Sanford loves to hold Winston's hands. When Sanford hold Winston's hands, Winston will giggles and they will just stare at each other. They are truly best buddies!

However, I just wanted to say, I love them so much. These little human being have made me the biggest sook, but that's where it ends lol because I'm still one of the mean machine at work and everywhere else where matter ;-)


ps. I have their Halloween costumes ready! Will post their pics when they wear them.

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