Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shopping Rambling

I need new ballet flats and new sandals. Oh how I want to spend a day going shopping uninterrupted. Those days are gone I suppose. Just when I was thinking about it, M my NM's SA txt me with the special event currently happening in NM. Asked me if I want to attend and she can add me to her RSVP list. Meh..as if I can go haha! They always have this on mid week after work. If they are doing it on the weekend I may get DH to watch the kids for few hours ;-)

Anyway, I had to email her few things that I want...I don't even know if they have it in Austin NM. Have you noticed how small our NM here??

So this Prada flat thong was on my list. I want it in every colors but I told her I will settle with the gold one.

And oh..I order a replacement for my SFAM bootcut jeans. My current one has finally died at 8 years old! Can you believe it. I love that jeans so much that I have to have the exact same one. Well...ok I cannot find the NY dark rinse anymore but I found the equivalent. I hope nothing change in terms of cut, comfort and the fit. I'm going to cry if it looks funny on me.

Umm..what else. I had my eyes on Burberry and Prada flats too, then dogeared zodiac necklaces then some Roberto Coin items. Once I sees them all, then I can decide which one to cull. It's amazing what one hour on internet can do to you. I'm sure it's worse if I'm at the store. For now I only can browse from home.

On Saturday I gathered all of the boys stuffs that they refused to touch anymore (bouncer, jumperoo, baby carriers..stuffs like that) and I started writing an ad so I can sell them. I despise clutters. If I see something that kinda sit in one space for a period of time (with the exception of stuffs that sit in my closet HAHA) I started to get paranoid about it and want that block of space back. I'm weird like that. By Sunday afternoon, I sold most of the stuffs I want to sell. It's really funny to see the boys just kinda stared at those items while being taken away by strangers. To be honest, I lost a lot of money this way. I always buy brand new but my boys don't always like what I bought. Or if they do, it took only few months before they get over it. That's when that thing will sit there and it annoys the hell out of me that I have to sell it. And you know what, I couldn't even recoup half of what I spent sometimes despite it looks like new. Babies/kids items just don't hold much values (like mommy's Chanel)..but hey it's better than just sitting there.

Ok, I think enough of my rambling today! I'll post some more later.


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