Monday, August 1, 2011

Things that We (mommy & boys) love! Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, here are some more items as promised!

7. The First Years True Fit Premier C670 Car Seats

Believe it or not we never really own infant car seats. We were 'forced' to buy the infant car seats otherwise we couldn't take our babies home from the hospital. So we bought them just to transport them home and to their first pedi appointment a week later and we returned them right away. OK, that's my true confession-but hey we never really needed them. We bought these convertible car seats instead and it's the best. They padded well, easy to install, they got the highest rating from NHTSA and you can use them till the babies reach 65lbs (front facing). One thing though, the size of this thing is huge. If you have small cars, one of these will take up almost half of your back seat. DH drives Venza so 2 of these are still managable. You can get this at Amazon to avoid paying taxes and shipping.

8. Valco Baby Ion EX 4 for Two Stroller

Years ago, I used to daydream that I will buy the bestest stroller that money can buy if I have a baby. I bookmarked Bugaboo, Orbit Baby and my latest obsession (at that time), Stokke stroller. I even picked the color I want depending on the gender, the accessories and where to buy them. Alas I was told I will have 2 babies instead of one. It could be my hormone but I was so mad that I had to buy ugly double stroller, massive in size, the stroller that everyone hates because it's blocking people's way in shopping malls. I was even thinking about doing custom stroller after I saw The Back Up Plan movie. I searched high and low (Bugaboo Donkey has yet to be released at the time) and stumbled upon this stroller. They looked really cute and fit all doors (important!) and not too heavy (compare to other double strollers). It's a fully recline stroller, round extended sun canopy (and I got a lot compliments on this feature), lots of pockets and huge storage basket. At $600 bucks I should be happy that it's cheaper than my Stokke right?  Two cons of this stroller, where is the cupholder? I mean seriously people, I love my frappe, my ice tea, do you really want me to use one hand to hold my drink and the other hand to push this? Turned out they are selling it as 'accessories', not standard. Also I think the handle can be improved but I'm used to it now, so it's not a big deal. Overall I'm happy with this, yes, it's not Stokke but I think I should move on.

9. Baby Nasal Aspirator by Pigeonbaby
This is a lifesaver. My boys had runny nose twice since they started daycare...oh the joy. And this gadget just suck that sucker right out so they can breath better (and sleep better). It's a little pricey to buy this in the US, but in most asian countries this is downright cheap. If you still have relatives overseas get them to buy one for you.  There is nothing worse than seeing your babies have drools and mucus in one..yikes! Alternative to this brand is Nosefrida The Snotsucker, I heard it's equally awesome.

10. Kinderglo
Received 2 of these as a gift from my coworker, they are just wonderful and not to mention super cute. It's a night light that can change colors, made from non toxic material so the babies can chew all they want and hug them all night long since it's not hot to touch. No batteries needed, just charged them and one night light will last up to 8 hours. Just FYI, I don't sleep with my babies in the same room since they were 3 months old. So I did everything I can so they are sleeping in their cribs, alone, without me or DH. They slept through the night from 6.30 pm to 5am since 4.5 months old so I know I did something right in between. They don't really need these lights at night (they mostly use these for toys rather than sleep companion) but I know Sanford had nightmares sometimes and the night light helped in this case.

My next post should be about those uneccessary items heheh ;-)



  1. Been waiting for the unnecessary-thing post :)

    I visit your blog quite often but I don't think I ever post. Got a baby, too.

    Cheers, :)

  2. Hi Vichaya, sorry about that! I've been out of town, I will post this week :-)