Monday, August 29, 2011

Things that We (mommy & boys) Don't Need

OK, I finally able to gather around some of the things that we bought but seriously we could get by without them!

1. Graco Sweetpeace Swing

A lot of parents swears by this swing (damn it works for Tori Spelling), but my boys hate them. No matter how I adjusted the speed, get the music off my iPod (it has iPod connector..that's how fancy this was), the direction of the swings..nothing works. Okay, I'm not advocating that new parents should stir away from swings. But lesson learned, never buy any swings before the baby is born. If you see the picture above, I was never able to read book like that when they were in the swings (worse, I bought 2 of them!), they cried like I hurt them, showing me their tortured face. Fast forward, I sold both of the swings to close friend of mine since he wanted to give them as a gift (heck they looked brand new) and guess what...the babies love them. So it's only my babies. But really, just wait. You may never have to buy it at all and save that $$ for something else.

2. Mimijumi

Remember this? I won't say it's useless, because seriously when Winston was at his worse, even Dr.Browns bottles won't stop him from crying. I tried using this with him, sure he drank from it and stop crying for a bit, but was it necessary? maybe not. So I don't believe that the bottle itself will make the baby automagically stop crying. It could be the nipples (too slow or too fast-not necessary because the shape that doesn't resembles the breasts), could be the milk (some could cause very painful gas). In our case, Winston just wasn't feeling well. He's iritated and drinking just made things worse. For us, only time could fix it. I still remember it was a struggle to made him drink 2oz and if he finished it normally about 45 minutes later. I even took a liberty to give him multivitamin supplement for infant because his intake was way below. He is still using Dr.Browns 7 months later. When he got better around 3.5 months old, any bottle wouldn't matter, cheap or expensive.

Winston is still in low percentile for the average 7 months old (I'm talking about <10% low), but happy and full of energy. If you have colicky baby (and plus laryngomalacia like him), I can assure you, it will soon pass. It was hard to listen to his cry day and night, but we made it this far. NOW I have to deal with this --> This was yesterday when Winston tried to stand to see if he can play with my Mac.

3. Baby Einstein Activity Gym
I bought 2 of these. Again, they don't like it there. They get bored after 15 minutes. It could be the material, could be there are not enough things to keep them entertain and let's face it, I'm easily bored too so it's only fair that my boys have that trait lol. One day it occured to me that they love being changed. I don't have changing table (another hint-best decision I made) and I use this changing mat that my mother in law bought me to be placed on top of my bed. It's a soft plastic but it has cushiony feeling. I told DH about the revelation and he bought this Dwinguler playmat and we haven't looked back since. They boys love love being here.

4. Fisher & Price Luv U Zoo Crib Soother
Bought this based on the marvelous reviews I read. No, not working for us I'm afraid. If you want this, again, wait till the baby is born. If you can borrow even better, at least you can return it if it's not working out. To be honest, my babies rather listen to my hairdryer than this or sleeping in my chest listening to my heartbeats.  They are not interested to the ceiling lightshow either. Funny I said that...because now they love watching Pocoyo or any music on TV, anything bright and colorful (thanks to Glee and the various classical songs that I played for them while I was pregnant). The video below is in the morning before they went to daycare :-)

5. Any Diaper Rash Cream

I received a lot of samples before the babies were born. Then that nightmare began, red and raw sore bums and they couldn't even complain about it. I used the samples such A+D, Desitin as well as Vaseline. The rash went away but I couldn't help but notice that my boys' bums (TMI, by the way) were looking wrinkly as if they've been sitting in the water all the day long and it's pretty damp. Okay, honestly I don't like that. So you know what, I revert back to what my mother or my grandmother used to use when the babies have diaper rash. Plain old baby powders, medicated or non medicated, it's up to you. I found that the rash went away faster and most important of all, their bum looking soft and not wrinkly :-)

6. Baby Bjorn

Fortunately received these as gifts, I was excited to try them, but putting them on are such a hassle that I made the babies cries, so I stopped using it. Pity because when I put them on successfully, my hands were totally free and shopping were such a breeze. My suggestion, maybe get a different brand. I heard many good things about Ergo Baby Carrier. Do plenty of research and hopefully you will get the one that is perfect for your needs.

To summarize, we also never own:
1. Changing table
2. Diapers Genie
3. Bottles sterilizer
4. Bottles warmer
5. Wipes warmer
6. Play Yard
7. Baby gates


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